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Domino’s Pizza Canada operates as a North American off-chute of the international pizza company Domino’s. The first Domino’s Pizza location in Canada opened in Winnipeg, MB, in 1983. The location also serves as the first international pizza shop for the Domino’s brand name. The popular restaurant chain began as a small, college town pizzeria concept in the United States in 1960. Domino’s operates in 12 Canadian provinces, including roughly 250 pizza shops throughout the North American country.

Domino’s Job Opportunities

Full time & part time

Like the American counterpart, Domino’s Pizza Canada hires for part-time and full-time job seekers on a regular basis. The Canadian pizza chain screens for energetic, motivated, and detail-oriented workers during the hiring process. Domino’s Pizza offers flexible work schedules and paid training to new-hires and tenured professionals alike. Apply online for Domino’s Pizza Canada jobs and earn competitive pay scales with an international pizza chain today.

Basic requirements

Applicants in search of work in the pizza industry may find meaningful jobs with Domino’s Pizza Canada. Minimum hiring requirements only require applicants to stand at least 14 years of age at the time of employment and to possess reliable means of transportation.

Available Domino’s Pizza Jobs and Salary Information

Domino’s Pizza jobs feature excellent base pay and opportunities for advancement into managerial roles offering generous salary rates. The international pizza company needs to hire for the following positions:

Team Member

Domino’s team member employees work directly with customers. Team member associates act as cooks and operate kitchen equipment, such as ovens, grills, and microwaves, in order to prepare foods. The average team member works 15 to 30 hours a week or part-time schedules. Many Domino’s Pizza locations in Canada hold late hours. The ability to work an open schedule also benefits prospective associates. Domino’s Pizza team member job duties range from:

  • Preparing food.
  • cleaning workstations
  • taking food and drink orders and explaining menu items.
  • Starting pay begins around minimum wage, depending on experience, and may increase with proven effort up to $12.00 per hour.

Delivery Driver

Applicants with valid permits and clean driving records may find work as Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers. The nationwide pizza chain primarily offers part-time shift options for delivery driver jobs. Primary responsibilities include:

  • delivering pizzas and interacting with customers.
  • Washing dishes.
  • Cleaning dining and kitchen areas.
  • Preparing food.
  • Pay rates typically start out at minimum wage for delivery driver workers. The position also features the ability to earn tips.


Managerial opportunities available with Domino’s Pizza Canada include assistant manager and general manager job titles. Domino’s regularly promotes entry-level workers into supervisory roles and hires applicants with sound fast food industry, restaurant industry, or pizza shop industry experience. Excellent leadership capabilities and motivational skills serve candidates well during Domino’s interviews. Managers often share administrative, recruiting, and supervisory responsibilities. Specific job duties include:

  • Hiring and training new workers.
  • Setting employee schedules.
  • Driving sales and increasing customer bases, and maintaining food inventories.
  • Average pay for Domino’s assistant manager associates falls around $12.00 an hour.
  • General managers with Domino’s earn annual salary options between $30,000 and $40,000, depending on experience and location.

Benefits of Working at Domino’s Pizza Canada

Domino’s Pizza Canada promotes diverse, rewarding, and supporting work environments. Applicants enjoy defined career paths and fast-paced, customer-oriented job settings. Domino’s Pizza also offers free uniforms and paid training to new-hires. Competitive wages also benefit Domino’s Pizza employees. In addition to monetary compensation, work settings, and career development programs, the international pizza chain offers employment benefits packages to eligible associates.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Job benefits available through Domino’s Pizza include sound financial assistance and healthcare options. Specific Domino’s Pizza employee benefits include 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare insurance, life insurance, and meal discounts. Apply online or contact a local Domino’s Pizza shop in Canada to find more information on available work benefits and eligibility requirements.

More About Domino’s


After opening the first Domino’s Pizza location in Ypsilanti, MI, in 1967, founder Tom Monaghan experienced overnight success and continued to develop the brand name and Domino’s Pizza concept. By the early 1980s, Domino’s Pizza consisted of more than 1,000 locations across the United States. The pizza chain expanded internationally in 1983 and opened the first location outside of the U.S. in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. The Canadian version of the pizza company experienced success similar to the U.S. division and grew throughout 12 provinces.


A popular, international chain, Domino’s menus include pizza, breadsticks, Buffalo wings, desserts, and soft drinks. Customers may purchase thin crust, pan, or hand-tossed pizza with a variety of over 30 toppings and cheeses to choose from. Domino’s Pizza Canada offers several unique menu items, such as the Canadian gourmet pizza. Some locations also sell pasta and deli wrap sandwiches. The most common Domino’s restaurant format includes standalone stores with delivery, drive-thru, dine-in, and carryout services.


A privately-owned company for many years, Domino’s Pizza underwent several management changes until the pizza chain went public in 2004. Domino’s trades on the NYSE as DPZ and generates almost $1.5 billion in annual revenues. Around 145,000 entry-level workers and seasoned professionals work for the pizza chain, which manages just more than 3,600 restaurants worldwide. Domino’s Pizza world headquarters sit in Ann Arbor, MI, USA.

Minimum age to work at Domino’s Pizza: 14

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Watch video of a Domino’s employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Domino’s Pizza Cook:
For Domino’s Pizza, I was working in the back. I was the one who made the dough, who made sure the dough was right, who cut the vegetables, who mopped around where we put the pizza, where we would roll them from, who made the tomatoes, who squashed them because you have to squash them to put them on onto the pizza. And that was basically it. I worked in the back. I didn’t handle the cash, where there were people doing the cash. I was mainly in the back, making sure that when we put the pizzas in into the oven, the temperature is right. And when they are ready, I’m the one who removed them. And we had people help, people doing the same job with me. So, I’ll maybe be rolling the pizzas, and then, someone else would be putting the vegetables onto the pizza, and then, someone else would be forwarding them to the cashier for them to be sold.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Domino’s Pizza Cook:
The hiring process was not that. They don’t take online applications. So, you have to go in and ask for an application form. You have to fill out the form, and then, you attach your resume to it, and you give it in, and you have to keep on praying. And if you have luck, they’ll give you a call, which happened to me.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

Domino’s Pizza Cook:
They asked the basic questions, like what would you do if a customer came in and complained about having a bad pizza? Would you return, and would you not return? Would you give them a new pizza, or would you making them a new one, or you would refuse? It’s not good to come late to work. What would you do if there was a fight between the workmen? Would you tell your manager or would you keep it to yourself? So, the basic question. Then how you answer them depends, like if there is a problem at work between the conflict, you try to help settle it. At the same time, you have to inform your manager as well, so that the higher authorities come and take what’s needed on them. So, basic question. They were pretty nice questions. As I said, it’s between luck. If they give you a call, you’re probably going to get the job. That’s the same. Domino’s Pizza, all goes throughout. Subway, Tim Horton’s, that’s the way it is.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Domino’s Pizza Cook:
I would probably say time is needed. You have to be fast because a lot of people bring in orders, and they deliver as well, and people also come in to buy. So, most of the time, you have to be very fast and making what you have to do. If you’re doing the cash, you have to also serve the drinks. So, you have to be very fast at times. And yeah, that’s basically it. You have to be hardworking as well because it’s hard. You have to, rolling the dough and everything, your hands get tired very quick. Because in a day, you’re going to make 100 pizzas. Or it depends, if you’re having a five-hour shift or eight-hour shift because that’s the way the shifts were, a five hours and eight. So, it depends. If you’re making five hours, you’re going to make like 100 because people are going to keep on ordering and ordering. Yeah.


  • I worked as a store manager for Domino’s pizza for 4 years and currently working as business development manager in Pizza hut in UK.

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