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Job Interview Experience (What to Expect)

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Hiring Process

The Dairy Queen interview process officially begins when hiring managers start to evaluate completed DQ application forms and determine which candidates to bring in for onsite interviews. Selected applicants receive notification via phone or email usually within a few weeks of applying for Dairy Queen jobs and often sooner.

What Do You Discuss?
The initial interview typically covers basic information to ensure prospective workers have the ability to meet the job requirements of desired positions.

Review Your Background
At this stage in the employment process, Dairy Queen hiring officials generally want candidates to confirm anticipated availability, elaborate on any previous work experience, and verify other information from the job application.

Your Availability
The quick-service restaurant chain strives to hire dependable workers able to commit to flexible schedules with frequent night and weekend shifts.

Go Early & Be Prepared
Arrive to the interview moderately early. Be ready to give specific examples of how personal experiences and prior jobs have prepared you to work productively at Dairy Queen.

Restaurant managers usually conduct 15-minute interviews for entry-level positions, while managerial applicants typically meet directly with franchise owners in job interviews often lasting for 30 minutes or more.

How to Behave
Remember to offer a firm handshake before and after the interview, maintain appropriate yet engaging levels of eye contact, have a few insightful questions prepared ahead of time, and follow up once a couple days after the interview to show unwavering interest in the job with Dairy Queen.

Second Interview Expectations
Multiple rounds of interviews remain rare at Dairy Queen, especially for entry-level crew member jobs. As most Dairy Queen restaurants feature independent franchise ownership, the likelihood of a second job interview varies largely by location.

Learn More About Each Other
Dairy Queen hiring officials sometimes use second interviews to probe more thoroughly into schedule availability and employment histories. Typically restricted to management candidates, second interviews usually last longer than previous sessions and often include various behavioral and situational questions to gauge applicant readiness for the job.

In the event of a second interview, aspiring Dairy Queen workers should continue to adhere to established interview etiquette by arriving suitably early, demonstrating enthusiasm for the position, and following up appropriately.

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Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: Why should we hire you? What separates you from other candidates?
A: I love working with customers and know many of the people working on staff already. I arrive at work in a timely fashion and stay on task at all times.

Q: Why do you want to work at Dairy Queen specifically?
A: I know people that work here. It seems like a fun work environment, and I get to interact with customers on a consistent basis, which I enjoy.

Q: What kind of experience do you want to give customers?
A: I want to make sure customers walk away feeling satisfied and completely taken care of.

Q: Describe a time when you had to handle a stressful situation.
A: In high school, I serve as yearbook editor, and around deadline time, I generally have to review 20 to 30 pages of material for print in a couple of days. I space my work out, so I don’t get burned out, but stay on task, so I can finish the project on time. It gets stressful, but it’s all about how you manage the situation that counts.

Common Interview Questions

Interview Tips

How to Dress
While restaurants like Dairy Queen offer casual settings to socialize and work, job seekers should nevertheless opt to wear professional attire at interviews. Taking the time to dress professionally will stand out visibly and indicate serious aspirations of obtaining a Dairy Queen job.

Attire: What to Wear
Standard business-casual apparel, like dress slacks or khakis with button-down shirts for males and skirts or dress pants with tasteful blouses for females, conveys competence and makes a lasting first impression. Dairy Queen hiring managers frequently encounter inexperienced applicants arriving to job interviews in inappropriately casual outfits.

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