Costco Manager

Job Description


Store managers and supervisors oversee and coordinate all retail operations at Costco locations.

Costco managers mostly spend time supervising entry-level workers and staff members, including cashiers, stockers, and general team members. Managers may also need to perform regular store duties, like building displays, operating cash registers, and taking part in departmental job duties.

Supervisors with Costco also gain the power to interview and hire new employees based on availability and the needs of the company.

Salary / Pay

Costco offers employees competitive base wages and enticing job benefits. To start, earnings for managers typically stand between $40,000 and $70,000 in annual salary.

Outside of monetary rewards, Costco managers enjoy several work benefits. Some popular employment benefits dedicated to healthy lifestyles include dietician, health coaching, and medical assistance programs. Eligible Costco associates also receive paid vacation and personal time throughout the year as well as performance and service-based rewards.

Job Outlook

With more than 80 locations throughout Canada, Costco wholesale stores routinely train individuals interested in becoming managerial material. The most successful candidates often include current Costco employees or workers with retail experience in a similar environment.

Management opportunities exist in several departments across Costco. When no current general manager positions exist, candidates may work as department leads or assistant managers. Relevant experience as a department supervisor may help workers become better qualified as store manager positions become available.

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