Costco Interview

Job Interview Experience

Here is what to expect at an interview for Costco.

Hiring Process

Big-box store chain Costco conducts a wide range of job interviews for potential employees. For the initial interview, candidates go through a one-on-one session, typically with a store manager. Sometimes, multiple managers may participate in the event, usually for specific department positions.

What Will You Discuss?
The Costco interview requires candidates to answer dozens of work-related and personal questions. Applicants should expect to talk about previous employment, job skills, availability, and interests outside of work.

Ask Questions
Candidates should also prepare several meaningful questions to ask Costco hiring representatives during the interview process. Questions should mostly pertain to the work environment, job requirements, availability, and anything else relevant to the position.

Second Interview Expectations
Depending on the job, applicants may undergo multiple interviews with Costco hiring managers. While not uncommon, most entry-level Costco applicants do not go through a second job interview.

However, certain applicants may need to participate, especially for advanced and professional employment with the department store chain. Potential workers may meet with a district or regional manager during the second round of the hiring process. The interview may feature many of the same questions as the first job interview.

More About Your Experience
Additional questions may cover more of the information on the initial application form submitted to Costco. Potential workers may also need to discuss their professional resume or CV, including previous employers, work experience, and education.

Invitations to second interviews typically remain reserved for strong candidates, and applicants should use the opportunity to demonstrate their skills as potential Costco workers.

Video interview with a Costco Cashier

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Costco Cashier:
I was a cashier, and my duties were taking care of handling cash on a daily basis, running the members through the cash register as fast as possible, and making sure they have the optimal customer service.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Costco Cashier:
Application is pretty straightforward. They asked regular normal questions that they normally do at any job interview. The interview was, it was quick, it was about 15 minutes, very detailed. They asked a lot of questions regarding your past: if you have a lot of experience, if you’re able to carry a certain amount of weight, according to the job, and the managers are nice there, so yeah.

What set you apart from other candidates?

Costco Cashier:
I’m just very natural when it comes to interviews, and I give them my all and very straightforward with them.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Costco Cashier:
I think it’s a good place to work at for anyone. I always refer people to that job. It’s one of the best jobs that I’ve had so far. And yeah, just go there and be natural. They have great benefits, and they’re very accommodating to students. Very accommodating. That’s almost the best part of the job.

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