Costco Cashier

Job Description


Primary responsibilities range from handling money and completing transactions to balancing cash drawers and answering questions about products, policies, and services.

How Old Do You Have to Be?
Costco cashier jobs impose minimum age requirements of 14, in most cases.

Costco uses the interview process to screen for honest, trustworthy, and personable workers. Applicants vying for cashier jobs typically sit with a hiring manager through a series of interviews to discuss strengths and weaknesses, desire to work for the international wholesaler, and the position desired. Experience generally plays no real, vital role in the Costco cashier selection process. However, applicants with experience using computerized cash registers or as cashiers in previous jobs may gain preferential treatment over other potential hires.

Salary / Pay

Pay scales for Costco Canada employees range from minimum wage up to about $13.00 per hour, on average. Many Costco employees turn entry-level positions into long-term careers. The wholesaler provides consistent raises based on merit and time spent with the company. Some cashiers report earning over $30,000 in annual salary at Costco stores in Canada.

As entry-level jobs, cashier positions also possess the potential for career growth. Motivated workers may receive promotion into managerial, supervisory, or corporate roles within the company. Costco cashier jobs often serve as a stepping stone for motivated employees while still offering competitive employment benefits and generous pay scales.

Costco work benefits packages often include 401(k) retirement plans, medical coverage, insurance options, and paid time off. Specific employment benefits available and eligibility requirements may vary store to store.

Job Outlook

Although a members-only chain of wholesale clubs, Costco generates over $97 billion in annual revenue worldwide. Store locations sit in eight countries around the world, including 85 Costco stores in Canada. The market for big-box wholesale clubs continues to expand at roughly the same rate as the traditional retail industry. Job prospects look to rise throughout Canada as large chains like Costco open new locations.

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