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Costco ranks as one of the largest and most profitable companies in the world. Consistently ranked as a Top 500 company by Forbes Magazine, Costco generates nearly $90 billion in annual revenues and employs close to 92,000 workers.

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Costco Job Opportunities

Full time & part time

Large warehouse department store chains like Costco hire both part-time and full-time job seekers to fill available employment opportunities. Most Costco Canada jobs involve some aspect of customer service.

Basic requirements

Typical hiring requirements for Costco Canada jobs include meeting the minimum age of 18. Additional employment requirements may consist of previous experience in the retail or department store industry and customer-oriented work ethics. Entry-level workers generally need no real experience for employment consideration. Positions like stocker, forklift driver, and maintenance assistant may require manual labor. Applicants with open availability and strong work ethics typically receive hiring consideration over other applicants. Customer service skills prove the most important aspect of successful candidates.

Costco Positions and Salary Information

Apply online or review the following list of positions to learn more about Costco jobs regularly for hire:


A position commonly for hire at Costco stores, the job title of cashier involves greeting customers, operating cash registers, and answering questions about products, policies, pricings, and services. Applicants may need to possess some previous experience working with POS or computer systems prior to employment. Costco cashier jobs involve:

  • Handling money and working directly with the public.
  • Cashier associates sometimes share job duties with sales associates.
  • Costco typically starts cashiers out well above minimum wage. Average starting pay hovers around $10.00 per hour.
  • Experienced Costco cashiers may earn up to $12.00 or $13.00 in hourly pay.

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Sales Assistant

Costco regularly hires applicants with exceptional customer service skills to work as sales assistants. Primary job duties for Costco sales assistants include:

  • Maintaining orderly sales floors and assisting customers with purchases.
  • Work often requires long periods of standing on foot and interacting with shoppers.
  • Sales assistants also start out above minimum wage and earn around $12.00 an hour, on average.


The position of stocker represents a highly intensive job title at Costco stores. Available both part-time and full-time, stocker jobs require a great deal of physical endurance and manual labor. Key responsibilities of stocker employees include:

  • Straightening, organizing, and stocking shelves, arranging product displays, and unloading and loading shipments.
  • The ability to lift heavy objects greatly benefits stocker job applicants.
  • The average Costco stocker earns around $12.50 per hour.
  • Most new-hire stocker employees receive hourly wages between $10.00 and $11.00.

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Shift supervisor

Shift supervisors represent the most easily accessible job title in management. Primary job duties for Costco shift supervisors include:

  • Scheduling entry-level workers.
  • Delegating work.
  • Enforcing procedure and protocol.
  • Pay for a shift supervisor begins around $15.00 an hour, or roughly $31,000 per year.

Assistant managers

Assistant Managers, or department managers, carry out various clerical job duties and report to store managers. Assistant managers:

  • process payroll and assist in the hiring process.
  • communicate with company corporate offices.
  • place merchandise and product orders.
  • Costco assistant managers earn approximately $50,000 in annual salary.

Store managers

Along with sharing job duties with both shift supervisors and assistant managers. Store managers job duites are to are to:

  • Oversee hiring and training of Costco employees.
  • drive sales.
  • increase brand awareness.
  • earn annual salary options in excess of $70,000.

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Benefits of Working at Costco Canada

Costco provides part-time and full-time employees the ability to qualify for work benefits. Part-time hourly associates must complete a 180-day probationary period prior to receiving job benefits. Full-time hourly workers receive employment benefits after 90 days of probation. Permanent, salaried employees must complete probationary periods of at least one month in order to receive benefits packages. Additional eligibility requirements may vary from store to store.

Insurance & savings packages

Large corporations like Costco care for workers and offer comprehensive employee benefits packages in addition to monetary compensation. Eligible department store associates receive medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug plans, 401(k) retirement plans, employee stock purchase plans, life insurance options, and disability coverage. Company-provided uniforms and generous discounts on merchandise and services also exist for Costco workers. Contact a local Canadian Costco or apply online for further details on job benefits eligibility requirements and availability.

USA Costco Application

More About Costco


Founded in Seattle, WA, in 1983, Costco quickly grew to stand as one of the largest retailers in the world. Two years later, the first Costco Canada opened followed by subsequent stores, which immediately increased pressure on competitor Price Club. Costco and Price Club eventually merged in 1993; however, Costco dropped Price Club roughly one year later. Costco rebranded Price Club locations and existing Costco stores as Costco Wholesale Club in 1997.

How Does Costco Work?

One of the largest retailers in the world, Costco operates as a chain of membership-based discount, wholesale department stores. Around 600 Costco locations exist worldwide. Costco Canada accounts for roughly 80 locations. The international department store chain manages Costco retail locations in nine Canadian provinces. Costco emerged in the early 1980s as a way to capitalize on the growing wholesale distribution market. A merger with Price Club in 1993 paved the way for growth and, eventually, expansion into international markets like Canada.

The basic concept of Costco includes a membership-only customer base. After signing up for a renewable membership, consumers gain access to a wide variety of wholesale goods at distribution price points. The department retail chain sells everything from home and garden needs to toys, movies, music, groceries, and miscellaneous household goods. The ability to find large quantities of everyday necessities at discounted pricing generates solid customer bases and attracts thousands of new customers annually to Costco stores. Costco stores also provide online access to products through the company website.

Products and Services

The basic Costco business model includes a membership-only customer base. Patrons must obtain paid-for memberships in order to shop at Costco stores. Costco operates in department store warehouse fashion and sells home goods, electronics, groceries, health and beauty products, and miscellaneous household items in bulk. Stores operate out of giant warehouses typically located in suburban settings or major metropolitan areas. Costco stores also operate in rural areas and small towns along major highways.

Minimum age to work at Costco: 18

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  • jessintha joseph says:

    fast and friendly coustomer service is given

  • Evelyn says:

    Friendly and professional costumer service and most of all good benefits in Costco.

  • Michelle says:

    I was employed with Costco over 15 years ago. I worked as cashier/stocker. This was a great job, great people.

  • Khushee says:

    Its a great place to work.
    Every one is treated with respect and most staff is friendly.

  • John says:

    I worked at the Costco location close to home during the busy Christmas seasonal period as a cashier helper. I enjoyed my time there as everyone treated me kindly and with respect.

  • Nicole says:

    Worked for Costco in Nova Scotia while attending high school and university. They have an incredible student program where you’re able to keep your job and work during the summer/holiday breaks. I will mention that starting rate for all employees is currently $13/hr and top-rate cashiers actually make over $25/hr which is far more than stated above. Highly recommend this company for long-term employment as they treat employees really well and provide a living wage with tremendous benefits.

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