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Cora operates as a casual restaurant chain specializing in breakfast. With over 130 franchised restaurants, Cora provides fresh, tasty food for restaurant goers across Canada. Franchise locations exist in every Canadian province, and more than 50 Cora locations operate in Quebec alone. Headquarters for Cora reside in Sainte-Therese, Quebec, Canada.

Cora Job Opportunities

Full-Time & Part-Time

A team of talented and dedicated workers remains key to Cora’s success. Employees at Cora embody the restaurant’s core values of integrity, enthusiasm, and professionalism. The restaurant chain always needs to hire positive, hard-working associates to fill part-time jobs and full-time careers.

Cora Canada Jobs and Salary Information

Cora regularly conducts hiring for the following positions:


Cora hires fruiters with creativity and strong customer service skills. Fruiters must work quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. Employees must also follow all health and safety guidelines outlined by Cora. Job duties include:

  • Working at the fruit counter and artfully preparing fruit arrangements.
  • Fruiters typically earn between $10.00 and $14.00 an hour.


Servers interact with customers and provide fast and friendly service. Servers need strong written and verbal communication skills along with upbeat attitudes. Key responsibilities include:

  • Taking food and beverage orders.
  • Introducing daily specials.
  • Answering questions.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Pay rates for entry-level server jobs include customer tips combined with the minimum hourly serving wage.


Cooks follow recipes and create fresh, appetizing, and visually appealing meals. Other kitchen jobs at Cora include kitchen helper, dishwasher, busboy, and kitchen supervisor. Specific job duties include:

  • Mixing batter.
  • Running fryers and ovens.
  • Assembling dishes.

In addition to food preparation, cooks must:

  • Maintain a clean and organized kitchen environment.
  • follow health and safety guidelines set out by Cora.
  • Cooks typically make between $10.00 and $15.00 an hour.


Hosts and hostesses work in the front of the restaurant and greet and seat customers. Additional duties include:

  • Answering phones.
  • Taking reservations.
  • Assisting servers.
  • Maintaining a clean, inviting front-of-house atmosphere.
  • Workers typically start out earning minimum wage and may make up to about $12.00 an hour.

Benefits of Working at Cora Canada

Cora operates numerous franchised locations and work benefits may vary by restaurant. To learn more about available employment benefits, visit the location where you wish to work. All Cora restaurants offer the benefit of an exceptional work atmosphere. Job perks all associates enjoy include a familial culture, flexible scheduling, and ongoing career advancement opportunities. Workers may also enjoy discounts on meals.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Dedicated to employee satisfaction, Cora offers generous pay and salary options and a number of handsome work benefits. Associates may access financial benefits like 401(k) retirement savings plans, service rewards, and annual bonuses. Health and wellness benefits include medical plans, life insurance, and disability coverage.

More About Cora


Roots for Cora trace back to 1987 when Cora Tsouflidou opened a small snack bar in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Originally known as Chez Cora, the business operated as a typical diner. After a few months, Cora made breakfast the restaurants specially. Tsouflidou focused on making Cora a healthy eating destination, and with the help of family, friends, and loyal customers, she created an expansive menu of fresh, wholesome dishes. With every new creation, Tsouflidou drew a colorful illustration and posted it on the wall. The idea caught on, and today, illustrations of menu items decorate the interior of every restaurant. Tsouflidou soon recruited family members to help run the restaurant as she opened a second location. Popularity for Cora spread and the restaurant chain began offering franchise opportunities. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, franchised Cora locations sprung up all across Canada. In 2008, the resultant officially became known as Cora. Today, Cora maintains a network of over 130 locations across Canada and continues to expand into new markets.

How Does Cora Work

An innovator in the restaurant industry, Cora always aims to create unique dishes. The Canadian restaurant chain focuses on healthy options and serves delicious fruits and wholesome meals to health-conscious customers. Classified as a home-style gourmet breakfast, Cora meals include fresh, artfully prepared fruit and healthy entrees made from the freshest ingredients possible.

By serving original, high-quality products, Cora enjoys substantial success in markets across Canada. Committed to community advancement, Cora manages The Cora Foundation, which aids children in need. The Foundation organizes numerous fundraising opportunities each year, and proceeds help provide support and food to needy children across Canada. A popular restaurant chain, Cora plans for further expansion in the years to come.


The Cora menu features traditional family dishes, customer requests, and suggestions from children. Over 100 items make up the Cora menu. Popular menu items include fresh fruit plates, omelets, eggs, crepes, waffles, and French toast. Fresh fruit offered at Cora includes apple, kiwi, banana, pineapple, strawberry, and melon. Cora fruiters artfully slice and arrange selected fruit in visually stunning displays. Some fruit dishes may include yogurt, bagels, and cheese. Almost every Cora dish comes with fruit on top or on the side. In addition to breakfast foods, Cora offers a number of light lunch options, like soups, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and skillets.


Cora operates as a privately held company. Most locations operate as franchised units, with financial numbers available to owners and operators. Cora Franchise Group Inc. oversees Cora financial numbers. For an entrepreneur interested in opening a Cora franchise, the initial investment required ranges from $550,000 to $800,000.

Minimum Age to Work at Cora : 16

Official Site:

Watch video of a Pizza Hut employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Cora Hostess:
I was a hostess, so I basically, I did everything from busing to cash, to food running. Yeah, that’s about it.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Cora Hostess:
I actually just walked in and I was eating there, and then I asked the manager if they were hiring. And she was like, “Yeah,” and then I got hired that week. I just handed in my resume the next time I saw her.

What set you apart from other candidates?

Cora Hostess:
She just said she liked my personality, so she hired me on the spot.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Cora Hostess:
I’d probably tell them to be as relaxed as possible. Just go in, definitely talk to the manager. Just act friendly, nice, because that’s what they look for there and that’s about it.