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Routinely cited as one of the most popular quick service bakeries in North America, COBS Bread operates as a successful Canadian chain with locations throughout much of the country. COBS Bread boasts a massive workforce of more than 10,000 employees spanning an expanding network of approximately 70 restaurants. From daily offerings to seasonal specials, COBS Bread attracts millions of customers annually.

Much like American counterpart Panera Bread, COBS Bread restaurants feature relaxed and inviting atmospheres typically adorned with modern or contemporary decor with an overarching rustic feel. Patrons may dine-in or carry out orders and choose from the large menu selections COBS Bread offers on a daily basis. Freshly made offerings and attention to customer service make COBS Bread a perennial choice for patrons.

The Canadian restaurant chain also serves as an ideal for entry-level job seekers and career professionals to find meaningful employment. Applicants 14 years and older often find suitable part-time and full-time positions catered to work schedules of all varieties. Open availability typically serves as the most sought-after trait COBS Bread hiring manager screen for during job interviews. Reliable transportation, effective communication skills, and motivated personalities also rank highly with COBS Bread. Contact a nearby location or fill out an online application form to begin the COBS Bread hiring process now.

COBS Bread Positions and Salary Information

The most widely available employment opportunities at COBS Bread include part-time, entry-level sales assistant positions. The restaurant chain also needs to hire bakers, supervisors, and managers. Learn more about COBS Bread job vacancies and hiring requirements with the following detail of positions available:

Sales Assistant

  • Acting as cashier, cook, and customer service representative, COBS Bread sales assistant carry out several job duties on any given day.
  • The entry-level position serves ideal for first-time workers.
  • Sales assistants need no real job experience for employment consideration.
  • Common responsibilities include preparing food, taking food and drink orders, explaining menus, cleaning work stations and kitchen equipment, and processing transactions.
  • Basic math skills may prove necessary for hiring consideration.
  • Most COBS Bread sales assistants earn minimum wage at start.
  • Experience at time of hire and job performance may lead to hourly pay around $11.50.


  • The position of COBS Bread baker primarily involves food preparation.
  • Applicants assuming baker positions must hold high school diplomas or equivalents and possess 1 to 2 years of relevant experience preparing foods for public consumption.
  • Use of commercial ovens, grills, stoves, and microwaves prove immanent to the position of baker.
  • Potential candidates must demonstrate knowledge of proper health and safety codes during the COBS Bread hiring process in order to gain employment.
  • COBS Bread pays bakers generous hourly wages between $12.00 and $15.00.


  • The intense and often fast-paced work environments of COBS Bread locations require large staffs of supervisors and managers to ensure smooth operations.
  • Available job titles include sales leader and manager. COBS Bread sales leaders serve as supervisors to entry-level employees.
  • Associates assuming sales leader jobs undertake the hiring and training of new workers, setting schedules, and ensuring subordinate employees stay on task.
  • Managers oversee all operations at COBS Bread locations.
  • Job duties include communicating with company corporate offices, ordering inventory, establishing market initiatives and expanding the brand name, driving sales, and catering to patron requests.
  • COBS Bread sales leaders should expect to make anywhere between $30,000 and $35,000 at start.
  • Managers often begin earning around $40,000 annual salary, with experienced associates earning as much as $55,000 annual salary.

Benefits of Working at COBS Bread

COBS Bread offers challenging yet rewarding work environments to new-hire employees. Associates enjoy paid training, competitive pay scales, and schedule flexibility. In addition to work environments conducive to personal and professional growth, COBS Bread offers career development opportunities through manager-in-training programs designed to prepare motivated workers assume meaningful, long-term jobs in various industries and trades.

The Canadian quick service chain also offers employee benefits packages to qualified associates. Workers must typically work a minimum of 40 hours per week, full-time status, in order to receive job benefits. Employment benefits widely available to eligible COBS Bread employees include 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, healthcare coverage, and life insurance plans.


COBS Bread began in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 2003 as an off chute of international bakery chain Bakers Delight. Through active community support and delicious innovations in quick service menu items and service, COBS Bread grew to include approximately 75 locations throughout Canada by 2013. The Canadian franchise looks to expand into new markets and intends to open new restaurants throughout Canada in the near future.


Most of the items available on the COBS Bread menu include pastries or baked goods. Breads comprise a good portion of COBS Bread menus, as well. The Canadian restaurant chain boasts traditional, gourmet, artisan, signature, seasonal, and weekly bread specials as well as dessert and fruit inspired breads. COBS Bread bakers prepare breads daily to ensure customers enjoy only warm, fresh, and hearty offerings.


COBS Bread operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Bakers Delight. An international company, Bakers Delight maintains operations in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. In total, nearly 700 bakeries comprise the Bakers Delight network. A private company, COBS Bread helps generate the roughly $575 million in annual revenues pulled in by Bakers Delight subsidiaries and participating chains. Company corporate offices reside in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at COBS Bread: 14

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