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Cineplex operates as a major chain of movie theatres throughout Canada. Also referred to as Cineplex Entertainment, the sizeable movie theatre chain manages roughly 160 theatres consisting of approximately 1,450 screens in every Canadian Province. In addition to the primary brand name, the movie theatre company operates through 10 other brands, including Colossus, Cinema City, and SilverCity. Theatres under the company banner entertain close to 70 million guests annually, which necessitates a workforce of around 10,000 entry-level associates and career professionals.

The Canadian movie theatre company grew out of several theatre chains founded in the early parts of the 20th century. Due to the longstanding history of Cineplex and company permutations over the years, the entertainment firm enjoys a wide and diverse customer base. The chain shows both international and domestic pictures, with a majority of movies released from the United States and Vancouver, BC, Canada. Guests also enjoy stadium seating, concessions, and state-of-the-art digital projection and sound. Most locations sit in densely populated areas with high or regular car or foot traffic. Some operate directly out of shopping centres and large shopping malls. Both rural and metropolitan communities host company theatres, which provides access to patrons across all Canadian demographic regions.

As one of the largest movie theatre chains in the country, Cineplex must conduct hiring on a regular basis for both part-time and full-time job openings. On average, the entertainment company looks to hire workers with passion for film and movies. Applicants should demonstrate enthusiasm for the industry and customer service during the hiring process. The ability to fill multiple roles without notice also benefits prospective employees due to large crowds at certain premieres. Friendly and energetic job seekers exuding willingness to learn often receive additional hiring consideration from recruitment managers.

Popular Jobs and Salary Information
Applicants looking to assume entry-level work with the nationwide theatre chain must meet provincial minimum age restrictions for part-time employment. The minimum hiring age for part-time jobs in certain provinces throughout Canada stands at 14. Other hiring requirements typically vary by position and location. Cineplex often needs to hire for:

Cast Member – Cineplex refers to customer service associates as cast members. The job title involves various aspects of cinema operations. Typical work days include greeting guests, printing and tearing tickets, directing patrons to theatres, working concessions, cleaning and maintaining theatre facilities, grounds, and equipment, operating projectors, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Most theatres implement team-oriented operating strategies. Cast members work in tandem with several other employees during daily shifts, which include nights, weekends, and holidays, to carry out necessary functions. Cast member jobs typically feature part-time hours and require associates to work on foot for long periods of time. Excellent interpersonal skills greatly aid job seekers during the hiring process. Hourly pay scales for cast members begin at $8.00 CAD and rise to roughly $11.00 CAD.

Management – Theatre managers often work full-time schedules. In order to qualify for employment as Cineplex managers, workers must demonstrate proven abilities in leadership roles or within the cinema industry. Applicants with passion for film and drive to succeed often represent ideal candidates for managerial jobs. The nationwide chain often puts prospective associates through multiple rounds of job interviews during the hiring process. Common job duties include scheduling entry-level employees, processing payroll, tracking sales, monitoring projection and sound equipment, implementing marketing and promotional initiatives, and communicating with the company corporate offices. Available positions greatly involve collaborative work with both subordinate employees and fellow managers. Job seekers must perform well in team-oriented environments to gain employment. The theatre chain often promotes associates from cast member positions into available supervisor and manager roles. Starting pay for supervisors falls around $10.00 CAD an hour. Theatre managers may make anywhere from $35,000 CAD to $40,000 CAD annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Cineplex Entertainment
As a major nationwide corporation, Cineplex cares for employees and offers sound work benefits to eligible associates. Workers may take immediate advantage of competitive pay scales and free screenings of films upon hire. The Canadian cinema chain also works around commitments like school and second jobs with flexible scheduling. Workers may take advantage of personal and professional growth opportunities available through paid training and career development programmes. Healthcare options, life insurance schemes, bonus schemes, pension schemes, and paid time off stand readily available for qualified workers in full-time jobs.

Born out of the Famous Players Film Company, Cineplex began in 1912. The theatre chain changed names to Famous Players Canadian Corporation after an acquisition of a small Paramount Theatre chain operated by Nathan Nathanson. After acquiring other competing theatre chains in subsequent years, Canadian Corporation merged with the prominent Odeon Theatres of Canada in 1978. The following year, the resulting Canadian Odeon Theatres company debuted the first modern Cineplex location in Toronto, ON, Canada. During the 1980s and 1990s, the modern incarnation of the chain established several concept brands, such as Cineplex VIP in 1998 and Galaxy Cinemas in 1999. The company underwent a massive consolidation of brands in 2005, which resulted in the current moniker.

Products and Services
Cineplex theatres feature Dolbly Digital 7.1 surround sound and DLP projections. Customers enjoy both domestic and international pictures ranging from family films to horror pictures and subtitled international releases. Locations also feature concessions where customers enjoy wide selections of candies, soft drinks, and snacks. Many theatres offer rental options for large groups, parties, or events. Customers may purchase tickets at the box office or online through the company website.

The Cineplex family of brands includes Cineplex Odeon Cinemas, Galaxy Cinemas, SilverCity Cinemas, Cinema City Cinemas, Colossus Cinemas, Coliseum Cinemas, Famous Players Cinemas, Scotiabank Theatres, and Cineplex Cinemas. A public company, the Canadian entertainment firm trades on the TSX as CGX and CGX.DB. Annual revenues for the popular theatre chain exceed $1 billion CAD. Corporate offices reside in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Minimum Age to Work at Cineplex: 14

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