Movie theatre chains serve as prolific sources of employment for Canadian job seekers. Each location frequently conducts hiring to fill a variety of regularly available jobs ranging from entry-level positions to theatre management careers. Some multiplexes often hire entry-level associates with no previous work experience, which renders a majority of available jobs ideal for inexperienced workers trying to establish track records of employment.

Management positions usually feature specific hiring requirements. Movie theatre jobs available give Canadian workers the opportunity to enjoy competitive pay scales, free movies, and other valuable employee benefits.

Jobs and Salary Information

Jobs available typically classify as either theatre crew or theatre management positions. Theatre crew positions involve entry-level job duties, while management careers entail additional commercial responsibilities.

Crew Member

Crew member positions feature a variety of entry-level job titles, including booth crew member, cashier, concessionist, and usher.

What Do They Do?
Employees work in designated areas of the theatre and perform various customer service duties.

Job responsibilities range from selling movie tickets and preparing concession items to operating film projectors and ensuring the quality of each movie presentation.

Crew member associates also handle guest inquiries, update marquees and other signage, and clean all areas of the theatre grounds.

Prospective workers rarely need any previous experience to gain hiring consideration for crew member jobs. The entry-level positions require the ability to interact with customers on a regular basis, work effectively during fast-paced peak hours, and consistently meet the deadlines imposed by movie showtimes. Candidates pursuing cashier and concessionist jobs must also demonstrate basic cash handling and math skills.

Pay rates for crew members generally hover around the provincial minimum wage and often increase with experience.


Involved in every aspect of daily theatre operations, managers assume responsibility for a wide range of administrative and supervisory tasks.

What Do They Do?
Managerial employees hire and train new workers, ensure each area of the theatre remains properly staffed, supervise entry-level associates during work shifts, and maintain high standards of customer service throughout the theatre. Additional job duties include opening and closing the theatre daily, tracking sales and implementing strategies to achieve financial targets, and ensuring the full functionality of equipment.

Applicants seeking careers in management need strong analytical and leadership skills gained from previous managerial or supervisory employment. Job seekers must also feel comfortable regularly communicating with a variety of distinct audiences, including customers, coworkers, subordinate associates, and vendors. As some chains show movies throughout the day and evening, managers should demonstrate the ability to work extended or irregular hours as needed.

Managerial pay scales start around $12.00 CAD an hour for supervisors and range up to $50,000 CAD or more in annual salary for general managers.