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Short for Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, CIBC offers dozens of banking and other financial services to nearly 11 million customers. Outside of Canada, CIBC also maintains operations in the United States, Asia, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom, to name a few international branches. Based out of Toronto, CIBC ranks fifth largest in the country in terms of deposits. In the banking industry, CIBC receives several awards for excellence, corporate responsibility, and customer satisfaction.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce predominantly offers personal banking, business services, and other financial assistance. Customers may open a variety of bank accounts, including checking accounts, and savings accounts. CIBC also offers credit cards, business cards, and student cards. Thousands of customers also look to CIBC for mortgages, lending, insurance, and investing, all with professional guidance. Business services from CIBC include business accounts, cash management, investment solutions, merchant services, and even specialty services.

Easily one of the largest employers in Canada, the CIBC network features over 42,000 workers. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce features a diverse working environment, filled with full-time jobs and part-time work opportunities. Considering the hundreds of retail banking locations, candidates should apply to the nearest or most desirable CIBC location. Potential employees may apply for both entry-level jobs and professional work, based on experience, skills, and education.

Positions and Salary Options at CIBC

Applicants with CIBC usually apply online for job opportunities. The company features a simple application process for regular applicants, students and recent graduates, foreign job seekers, aboriginal people, and persons with disabilities. Job postings from CIBC include title, employment status, work location, qualifications, requirements, and a description of duties. To apply for banking jobs, individuals must create a job account with CIBC, including contact information, resume(s), and other personal information. After successfully completing an interview, CIBC sends candidates written job offers to continue the hiring process. Additionally, new employees must complete several training courses.

Customer Service/Customer Associate

  • Customer service workers with CIBC generally deal with the public and day-to-day customers.
  • Customer associates mainly help with cash transactions and other banking needs.
  • Essential requirements for customer service representatives include exceptional social skills, organized routines, schedule flexibility, and the ability to strictly follow bank policies and procedures.

Financial Services Representative

  • Financial service representatives undertake many more responsibilities than other entry-level employees with CIBC.
  • Typically, financial representatives educate customers on services offered by CIBC, such as savings accounts, checking accounts, insurance, bank loans, and mortgages.
  • Financial service associates also strive to create long-term relationships between customers and the bank.
  • Quite often, financial service representatives must have financial planning experience, licensure, or meet other guidelines set by CIBC.

Personal Banking Representative

  • Personal banking representatives stand as one of the most client-heavy positions within CIBC.
  • Operating out of the retail markets department of the financial institution, CIBC personal banking representatives handle financial and wealth management mainly for individual customers.
  • As opposed to commercial banking associates, personal banking representatives help everyday customers.
  • While the job does require financial and cash handling expertise, personal bankers with CIBC must also look at the position with a sales insight.
  • Employment livelihood largely depends on maintaining dozens of clients with comprehensive services.

Commercial Banking Manager

  • Commercial bank managers stand at the head of CIBC’s retail markets.
  • Usually, applicants must hold several years of experience before considering jobs as commercial bank managers.
  • General duties focus on monitoring customer service representatives, personal bankers, and other financial advisors.
  • Bank managers also act as a liaison between retail banking and the corporate parent.
  • CIBC managers must integrate new policies and procedures into commercial banking as a way to keep staff members up-to-date and expertly trained.

Benefits of Working at CIBC

As a banking giant, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce allows employees to take advantage of several employment benefits. CIBC offers both financial benefits and health and wellness programs. Many job benefits only become available to full-time associates with CIBC. The company also features many programs focused on career growth and knowledge. To find out more about CIBC employee benefits, workers may research the company online. During the interview and hiring process, CIBC may provide additional information on available work benefits.

Health and wellness benefits from CIBC include many industry standards, such as health insurance plans and medical coverage for dental, vision, and prescription drug needs. Financially speaking, CIBC offers complimentary financial assistance and wealth management. Additional financial benefits with CIBC include access to savings accounts and credit unions. For career growth, CIBC holds some mandatory training sessions, such as the Professional Financial Planning Course.


Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce originally began in 1867 in Toronto, Ontario. With such a long history, CIBC stands as a kind of staple of the Canadian economy. CIBC eventually opened branches in major cities, like Montreal and Vancouver, and locations in small towns. By the time CIBC celebrated its 100th birthday, the bank expanded to the United States. Additional international locations for CIBC exist in the Caribbean, West Indies, China, Japan, Australia, and many other countries.


Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce trades publicly on both the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. Several branches of CIBC include world markets, imperial service, and retail markets. The banking industry often lists CIBC as the one of the strongest banks in North America and the rest of the world. Annual revenue for CIBC stands around $12.1 billion Canadian. CIBC company headquarters operate in Commerce Court of Toronto, Ontario.

Minimum age to work at CIBC: 18

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