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Canadian fast food company Chez Ashton operates more than 25 locations nationwide. Found primarily in the Province of Quebec, Chez Ashton began as a traveling poutine vendor. Expanding on the success of the company, founder Ashton Leblond opened a storefront in the mid-1970s. The regional fast food company employs around 750 workers throughout the Province of Quebec.

Chez Ashton specializes in French-Canadian cuisine. Operating in a predominantly French-Canadian area helps generate large customer bases for the regional restaurant chain. Specialty menu items include poutine, burgers with brown gravy, green peas, fresh-cut fries, and gourmet hot dogs. Customers may dine-in or carryout. Chez Ashton also offers drive-thru services at many locations. The use of fresh ingredients and low prices lend to the success of the fast food chain, as well.

A fast food industry staple in the Province of Quebec, Chez Ashton continues to expand and needs to hire entry-level workers and career-oriented managers on a consistent basis. Individuals in search of Canadian fast food jobs should fill out an online application form for Chez Ashton. The regional chain looks for experienced and inexperienced applicants with passion for customer service and open availability. Chez Ashton employees should speak both French and English fluently prior to employment. Learn more about hiring requirements and apply online for Chez Ashton jobs today.

Chez Ashton Positions and Salary Information
Minimum hiring requirements for fast food companies in Canada include workers as young as 12-years old with special permits, although the minimum hiring age for employment consideration typically falls around 14. Chez Ashton regularly hires younger associates, as well as experienced professionals, to maintain restaurant operations. Jobs available feature flexible scheduling, discounts and free meals, and competitive pay scales. Chez Ashton needs to hire for the following positions:

Team Member – Applicants in need of entry-level jobs may take interest in Chez Ashton team member positions. Team members prepare food and provide customer service at Chez Ashton locations. Operating cash registers and cleaning work stations also play important roles in team member job duties. Chez Ashton pays team member workers between minimum wage and $12.00 per hour.

Management – Chez Ashton managerial careers include work as fast food restaurant foremans. The position of foreman involves administrative, supervisory, and quality assurance job duties. Specific responsibilities include recruiting workers, setting schedules, assigning daily tasks, and enforcing protocol and procedure. Pay scales typically begin around $12.00 or $13.00 an hour for entry-level managerial roles with Chez Ashton and up to $35,000 in annual salary for experience and seasoned professionals.

Benefits of Working at Chez Ashton
Job benefits extend to both entry-level team members and long-term employees at Chez Ashton fast food restaurants. The Canadian French cuisine chain offers generous discounts, complimentary uniforms, and flexible work schedules to employees. In addition to scheduling, viable pay rates, and discounts on meals, Chez Ashton provides employment benefits packages consisting of financial planning assistance and healthcare options.

Chez Ashton work benefits available to team member associates include 401(k) retirement plans, annual bonuses, employee referral programs, career advancement opportunities, and paid training. Foreman employees working 30 hours or more with Chez Ashton enjoy insurance options, 401(k) retirement plans, salary increases, holiday pay and paid vacation, corporate discounts on memberships to fitness centers and other recreational activities, and leaves of absence. Apply online to find additional information on Chez Ashton employee benefits and begin the hiring process today.

The Canadian restaurant chain began as a traveling food cart in the late 1960s. In 1969, Ashton Leblond introduced poutine, a popular French cuisine, to the traveling cart menu. Business picked up considerably and forced the Chez Ashton entrepreneur to open a storefront in 1976. The restaurant chain continued to grow, and by March 2013 over 25 locations operated under the Chez Ashton name.

Most Chez Ashton locations operate as standalone stores in densely populated areas of Quebec. Menu items offered consist of typical Canadian fast food cuisine, including burgers, fries, hot dogs, and sides. Chez Ashton menu items showcase heavy French influence highlighted by burgers with brown gravy served with sides of green peas and the most popular Chez Ashton dish, poutine. Customers may dine-in, carry-out, or drive-thru at most locations. Chez Ashton also maintains an online presence, which offers full menu listings.

Chez Ashton operates as a private company. A prominent restaurant chain in Quebec, Chez Ashton generates millions of dollars in annual revenues and employs more than 750 workers regionally. The company plans to continue expansion throughout Quebec in the near future. Company headquarters for Chez Ashton sit in Quebec City, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Chez Ashton: 14

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