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Cafe Supreme franchises and oversees a chain of upscale fast-casual restaurants. Established in 1980, the restaurant chain operates more than 100 locations throughout Canada. Cafe Supreme also enjoys an extensive presence in the Middle East. Each restaurant location features freshly prepared food and premium specialty coffee drinks served in a contemporary bistro setting. In carving out a niche between quick service and traditional restaurants, Cafe Supreme presents ideal employment opportunities for job seekers looking to work for a trendy and successful innovator in the Canadian food service industry.

The inviting atmosphere within each Cafe Supreme location creates relaxing dining areas for customers and stimulating work environments for employees. With restaurants located primarily in major cities, Cafe Supreme uses modern design elements like crisp accent lighting and minimalist decor to construct eateries that emulate European bistros and appeal to urban residents. While the uniquely chic construction might initially attract passersby to Cafe Supreme, the nutritious yet mouthwatering menu selections ultimately persuade patrons to stay. Freshly made food and beverages prepared with premium ingredients continue to set Cafe Supreme apart from competitors.

As the Cafe Supreme concept steadily expands throughout Canada, job seekers gain access to increasing opportunities for employment in the restaurant industry. Cafe Supreme regularly needs to hire entry-level workers and experienced managers to meet the high expectations of customers. While restaurant management positions generally call for previous work experience, entry-level jobs at Cafe Supreme usually carry no formal hiring requirements and offer ideal ways for novice workers to establish employment histories. Whether seeking part-time positions or full-time careers, prospective employees encounter standard job application and hiring procedures at Cafe Supreme.

Cafe Supreme Jobs and Salary Information
Like most specialty restaurants, Cafe Supreme depends on highly trained workers to provide the level of service expected of upscale establishments. With minimal kitchen equipment and the absence of culinary employees, restaurant locations emphasize menu simplicity and freshness. Entry-level associates at Cafe Supreme take on food preparation and customer service duties, while managers oversee daily restaurant operations. Regardless of career level, Cafe Supreme employees must adhere to minimum hiring ages as determined by provincial law. The Canadian restaurant chain frequently hires to fill the following positions:

Counter Attendant – Essentially combining cashier, chef, and server responsibilities, counter attendant jobs at Cafe Supreme involve constant customer interaction and food handling. Workers prepare menu items, ring up customer selections and process transactions with cash registers, fulfill guest orders, and wash dishes. Other job duties include cleaning dining areas and work stations, replenishing utensils and supplies, and organizing stockroom inventory. The entry-level position requires no previous work experience. Applicants should have strong interpersonal skills and basic math abilities. Hourly pay rates for Cafe Supreme counter attendants typically fall between $10.00 and $12.00.

Barista – Baristas at Cafe Supreme prepare specialty coffee drinks for customers. Primary job responsibilities include operating espresso machines and other beverage equipment, making knowledgeable product recommendations, and cleaning work areas. Employees also perform counter attendant duties as needed. Applicants with previous barista experience often gain increased hiring consideration. Cafe Supreme barista jobs usually feature the same or similar pay scales as counter attendant positions.

Management – Available with shift supervisor, assistant, and general manager job titles, management positions at Cafe Supreme entail a wide variety of administrative and supervisory responsibilities. Managers develop and implement plans to increase restaurant profitability, delegate daily jobs to hourly associates, ensure customer satisfaction, and monitor inventory levels. Additional job duties include hiring and training entry-level workers, processing payroll and other employment records, and creating employee work schedules. Managerial candidates must have a high school diploma and previous supervisory experience in the restaurant industry. Prospective general managers may need to have a relevant college degree, as well. All management positions at Cafe Supreme require applicants to have the ability to oversee various work shifts as needed, including nights and weekends. Pay scales for Cafe Supreme managers vary by job title and experience. Shift supervisors typically earn hourly pay hovering around $13.00, while assistant managers generally make around $30,000 per year to start. General managers at Cafe Supreme often enjoy annual salary options of $40,000 or more.

Benefits of Working at Cafe Supreme
Cafe Supreme offers several enticing employment benefits to hourly workers and salaried managers alike. Some job benefits, like exciting work environments, flexible schedules, paid training, and career advancement opportunities, take effect immediately upon hire. Available benefits often include meal discounts and vacation time, as well.

As employees advance into leadership positions and management careers, work benefits tend to increase in scope accordingly. Managers and other qualified associates enjoy access to medical coverage, paid time off, and 401(k) retirement plans. Eligibility requirements and benefits packages vary according to franchise location. Apply online and submit a CV to your local Cafe Supreme today to initiate the hiring process and learn more about possible employment benefits.

Founded in 1980, Cafe Supreme initially operated a single bistro-style cafe specializing in premium food and coffee. As the upscale concept caught on, Cafe Supreme expanded rapidly throughout the 1990s and 2000s. The restaurant chain maintains more than 100 locations throughout Canada, from British Columbia in the west to Quebec in the east. Cafe Supreme also enjoys widespread popularity across the Middle East, with restaurants in Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

To accommodate customer demand for fresh and quick meals, Cafe Supreme employees prepare large quantities of sandwiches and salads each morning and arrange the items attractively in refrigerated display cases. The Cafe Supreme menu primarily features breakfast sandwiches, lighter breakfast fare, and a full line of paninis, pitas, and wraps. Customers preferring a refreshing beverage often find one among the extensive selections of cappuccinos, espressos, lattes, and other specialty coffee drinks. Cafe Supreme only uses premium ingredients and fair-trade coffee when preparing menu items.

Privately held, Cafe Supreme operates as a sister company to La Prep, another Canadian restaurant chain. Together, the two bistro banners account for estimated revenues in excess of $150 million annually. John Essaris serves as President and CEO of both enterprises. Cafe Supreme maintains corporate headquarters in Montreal, QC.

Minimum Age to Work at Cafe Supreme: 16

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