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Primarily based out of Western Canada, the Cactus Club Cafe offers one of the more upscale dining options for a wide variety of people. Cactus Club features signature dishes, drink specials, and desserts. Customers looking for a Cactus Club Cafe may find a restaurant in cities throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. “Every Customer Leaves Happy” remains the mission statement of Cactus Club Cafe since inception in 1988.

Cactus Club Cafe serves food in hip and trendy manners. The restaurant offers casual dishes, including entrees, sandwiches, appetizers, salads, and fresh greens. Cactus Club also features extensive drink menus, including signature drinks, wines, martinis, beer, and other specials. Virtually all Cactus Club locations offer daily lunch specials and weekly meal deals. Most restaurants feature casual atmospheres, with dining rooms, bar seating, and even outdoor patio sections during the summer months.

With close to 30 restaurants in the Cactus Club Cafe network, each location features dozens of part-time workers and full-time employees. However, restaurant managers frequently look to hire new associates. Job seekers may apply for both entry-level work and career opportunities. Cactus Club provides a full listing of duties and responsibilities for each job online.

Cactus Club Jobs and Salary Information

Cactus Club Cafe offers two options for job seekers to find employment with the Canadian restaurant chain. Candidates may apply online using the Cactus Club website. Conversely, prospective workers may visit a local Cactus Club and complete a paper job application. Prospective associates must provide contact information, availability preferences, work experience, and any qualified references. The most common job titles with Cactus Club Cafe include:

Service Team

  • The service team provides excellent dining experiences to customers every day.
  • Positions with Cactus Club Cafe service teams include host and hostess, server, bartender, and counter clerk.
  • Common duties for hosts include greeting customers, taking reservations, and seating diners.
  • Cactus Club Cafe servers take down food and drink orders, serve meals and drinks, and cash out tables.
  • Bartenders mix and serve various cocktails, martinis, and beers.
  • The average service team member receive minimum wage starting pay and up to $11.00 or $12.00 per hour with experience gained.
  • Cactus Club Cafe service team members also receive tips and gratuities for great customer service.

Culinary Team

  • Culinary team members prepare menu items in Cactus Club kitchens.
  • Based on experience and initiative, culinary team members may find opportunities as chefs, apprentice chefs, sous chefs, dessert makers, and line cooks.
  • Cactus Club Cafe culinary team members work in fully stocked, sanitary, and state-of-the-art kitchens.
  • Employees must possess familiarity with the Cactus Club menu to receive hiring consideration as a culinary team member.
  • Most culinary team members start out at minimum wage.
  • Chef associates may receive additional compensation at time of hire, depending on previous experience.


  • The popular Canadian restaurant chain needs to hire managers to monitor restaurant performance as more Cactus Club Cafe restaurants open nationwide.
  • Managers lead other employees, delegate tasks, set schedules and shifts, judging job performance for promotion and pay raise consideration, and interview potential new associates.
  • Additional job duties of Cactus Club managers include payroll, budgeting, and communicating with Cactus Club corporate offices.
  • Only experienced workers gain management consideration at for Cactus Club positions.
  • Annual salary options begin around $30,000 for lower-level managers and range up to $40,000 or $50,000 or more for experienced restaurant managers.

Benefits of Working at Cactus Club Cafe

Apart from upscale work environments, Cactus Club Cafe offers eligible employees several competitive job benefits. Employment benefits cover financial programs, medical plans, and service rewards. Some eligibility stipulations include experience with the company, employment status, and the discretion of Cactus Club managers.

Cactus Club associates take advantage of discounts on meals and food upon hire. Hard-working employees with great service records may earn frequent raises, as well. Qualified part-time and full-time workers earn vacation time, though in many cases only full-time associates receive compensation for time off. Additional financial job benefits include 401(k) retirement plans sponsored by the corporate offices.


The first Cactus Club Cafe opened in North Vancouver in 1988. Founded by two experienced restaurant workers, Cactus Club restaurants began springing up throughout other British Columbia cities like Burnaby, Victoria, Richmond, and Surrey in the following years. In the mid-1990s, Cactus Club entered the province of Alberta, including the cities of Calgary and Edmonton. Unwilling to settle for around 25 locations, Cactus Club Cafe hopes to open restaurants in other Canadian provinces like Saskatchewan and Ontario.


Main entrees from Cactus Club Cafe include steak, chicken, short ribs, and a variety of seafood presented in unique ways. Cactus Club also offers unique appetizers and salads, such as tuna tataki, calamari, the char-grilled chicken Caesar, and raincoast greens. Cactus Club also offers burgers, tuna clubs, garden burgers, and short rib sandwiches. Since 2008, restaurants began serving signature dishes from Rob Feenie, an Iron Chef America winner. Desserts include classics like cheesecake, key lime pie, and custom creations like chocolate peanut butter crunch bar and caramel chocolate trio.


Cactus Club Cafe remains a privately-operated restaurant chain. Founders Richard Jaffray and Scott Morison strongly promote a Canadian-owned image for the chain. Cactus Club enlists the services of national, celebrity chefs from popular Canadian cooking shows. The restaurant chain maintains corporate headquarters in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Cactus Club : 16

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