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Burger King Canada, officially known as Burger King Restaurants of Canada, Inc., began operations in 1969 in Windsor, Ontario. The city now holds the moniker “Home of the Whopper” in Canada. The first franchised Burger King restaurant opened in Kingston in 1976. The majority of Burger King Canada restaurants operate as franchised units. Today, Burger King Canada operates over 300 restaurants and exists in every province.

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Burger King Job Opportunities

Full-time & Part-time

Burger King Canada continues to expand operations each year and needs to hire new associates to join the team. The restaurant chain offers extensive opportunities for entry-level workers and seasoned professionals alike. Offering both part-time jobs and full-time careers

Burger King Canada Positions and Salary Information

Burger King Canada primarily hires workers into customer service and food preparation positions. Individuals seeking employment with the fast-food chain must complete and submit an application form to receive hiring consideration for available jobs like the following:

Team Member

Team members serve as the lifeblood for Burger King. Carrying a variety of duties, crew members:

  • Take customer orders, operate cashiers, handle cash, and maintain a clean dining environment.
  • Burger King looks for friendly and dedicated candidates to fill team member jobs.
  • On average, a Burger King team member in Canada makes between minimum wage and $10.00 an hour.


Cooks prepare food for guests. Job duties include:

  • Grilling burgers and chicken.
  • Operating fryers, or assemble sandwiches.
  • A cook needs to work in a timely and efficient manager and follow all health and safety guidelines.
  • Cooks with Burger King Canada generally earn wages between $9.50 and $11.00 per hour.

Assistant Manager

The job duties for an assistant manager include:

  • Supervising and training Burger King staff members
  • Managing inventory, implement operations improvements, and ensure customer care.
  • Depending on the location, they may also assist the general manager in reviewing submitted application forms and deciding who to hire.
  • Qualified applicants must possess organization and leadership skills, a positive attitude, and great written and verbal communication skills.
  • Assistant managers with Burger King may earn pay between $24,000 and $35,000 a year.

General Manager

General managers at Burger King restaurants oversee human resources and manage company operations. Key job duties include:

  • Enforcing safety codes.
  • Maintaining an effective application process to attract the best candidates possible.
  • Hiring and training new team members.
  • Enacting company standards, and ensuring positive guest relations.
  • BK general managers tend to bring in about $50,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Burger King Canada

A caring company, Burger King offers quality pay and generous work benefits to associates at any level. Team members may earn 401(k) retirement plans, limited benefits insurance, and jury duty. Burger King also offers a wide range of job perks. Team members may access flexible scheduling, paid training, and discounts on meals. The restaurant also offers extensive career advancement opportunities for crew members.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Upper-level employees, such as assistant managers and general managers, often qualify to earn healthcare benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision coverage, and flexible spending accounts. Professional workers may also earn 401(k) savings plans, paid time off, tuition assistance, adoption assistance, and domestic benefits. Applicants may complete and submit an application form to discover an enticing job and work benefits offered at Burger King Canada.

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More About Burger King

Canada continues to further the success of the Burger King Corporation. An innovator for the entire brand, Burger King Canada often adds unique test items to the menu. If successful, trial menu items become introduced to the regular Burger King menu. A leader in unique restaurant design, Burger King Canada operates numerous 30-foot-high tower structures, which feature two-story playgrounds.


James McLamore and David Edgerton opened the first Burger King franchise in 1954. International expansion began in 1963. The restaurant chain began operations in Canada in 1969. Popularity for Burger King Canada grew in recent years, and the chain opened more than 100 stores in the new millennium. In total, Burger King Corporation manages over 7,000 locations across the world. A leader in the fast-food industry, Burger King employs tens of thousands of workers across the globe. Company headquarters for Burger King resides in Miami, Florida.


Similar to Burger King in America, Burger King Canada offers flame-broiled burgers, chicken wraps and sandwiches, salads, fries, and desserts. Unique items featured at Burger King Canada locations include poutine and select chicken sandwiches. Poutine choices include poutine with bacon, Maple BBQ Poutine with bacon, and Angry Poutine. Chicken sandwiches exclusive to Burger King Canada include the Angry Tendercrisp and the Maple BBQ Chicken sandwich. Burger King Canada also originally introduced the flame-broiled BK Veggie. After testing the BK Veggie at Canadian locations, Burger King introduced the item onto the American menu.


Burger King Corporation wholly owns and operates Burger King Restaurants of Canada. Each year, Burger King Corporation brings in more than $2.33 billion in revenues. The publicly traded corporation operates on the New York Stock Exchange as BKW.

Minimum age to work at Burger King: 15

Official Site: www.burgerking.ca/en/ca/restaurant-locator/index.html


  • Donna Garton says:

    I worked at Burger King when I lived in Cambridge Ont. I really enjoy the job and serving customers. I was in the process of training for Shift Supervisor when our store was closed.

  • manpreet singh says:

    I love working at Burger King. I really enjoy the job and serving the customers.

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