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Canadian drug store chain Brunet operates primarily throughout the Province of Quebec. With a little over 20 locations, Brunet provides regional pharmaceutical and convenience store services to patrons at affordable prices. The original Brunet company concept featured traditional pharmacy services. The drug store company later incorporated modern convenience store amenities and services to further broaden the size and scope of the retail chain.

Primary services provided by Brunet drug stores include prescriptions drug and over-the-counter medication sales. Brunet stores use highly trained and certified technicians and pharmacists to deliver customers quality and expedient service. Store locations mainly sit in predominantly populated areas. Large cities and suburban communities represent the most common areas patrons find Brunet stores. Like many drug store-convenience store hybrid chains, Brunet also sells wide arrays of health and beauty products. Online pharmacist consultation and prescription renewal services also serve as major draws to the drug store chain.

Applicants in search of work in customer service, retail, or pharmaceuticals should apply online for Brunet jobs now. Work available includes both part-time and full-time shift capabilities. Entry-level jobs with Brunet often require little-to-no experience prior to employment. Careers as pharmacy technicians, pharmacists, and store managers may require applicants to hold certain levels of academic certification and related job skills for employment consideration. Brunet often hires personable, energetic, and reliable workers to fill vacancies. Complete an online application form to begin the Brunet hiring process today.

Available Brunet Jobs and Salary Information
Minimum hiring ages require applicants to stand at least 14 years of age to obtain entry-level employment at Brunet locations. Some Brunet job opportunities may include age restrictions of 18 years and older. Associates receive extensive and continued training upon hire and gain access to competitive pay, work benefits packages, and career advancement opportunities through company corporate offices. Refer to the following list for employment opportunities regularly for hire with Brunet:

Customer Service – The most accessible position available at Brunet stores, customer service jobs involve working directly with customers. Specific job duties include greeting patrons, ringing up purchases, and assisting in sales. Brunet customer service workers also maintain clean and organized storefronts. The position may involve manual labor. Prospective Brunet employees must demonstrate the ability to perform job duties comfortably during the interview process. Pay scales begin around minimum wage for customer service associates.

Technician – Pharmacy technician jobs provide Brunet employment hunters access to sound career paths. Potential associates must possess accredited degrees and previous experience as pharmacy technicians in order to gain employment. Personable attitudes and self-motivated personalities also benefit Brunet technician candidates. Jobs duties include assisting pharmacists in filling prescriptions, reviewing drug fact and reaction information, and ringing up customer purchases. Brunet pharmacy technicians generally earn between $35,000 and $45,000 a year at start. Annual salary options then increase with experience and time spent with the company.

Pharmacist – Applicants in search of pharmacist jobs with Brunet must hold extensive and proven experience prior to employment. Additional hiring requirements may include four-year or advanced degrees from accredited colleges, clean criminal records, and the ability to pass drug screening. Skills tests often prove necessary for employment as Brunet pharmacists. The position typically features full-time hours or 40 hours minimum per week. Starting pay rates rest near $80,000 in annual salary and range up to more than $100,000 a year for experienced Brunet workers.

Benefits of Working at Brunet
The most widely accessible job benefits available through Brunet drug stores include comprehensive training programs and viable pay scales. The drug store chain in Canada also offers complimentary uniforms and discounts on products and services. Brunet provides career development programs and avenues for promotion from within at store locations, as well.

In addition to basic work benefits available to Brunet new-hires, qualified workers in managerial roles or pharmaceutical careers gain access to benefits packages. Qualified Brunet associates enjoy a wide range of medical insurance options, life insurance plans, 401(k) retirement plans, paid time off, and employee assistance programs. Employment benefits packages often vary by pharmacy location. Apply online or visit a local Brunet drug store to review full listings of available employee benefits today.

The longstanding Canadian drug store chain began in 1885. Company founder Wilfrid-Etienne Brunet moved the company between several locations in the early stages of the drug store before branching out and franchising during the mid-20th century. The company consisted of five locations by 1955. In 1987, Brunet boasted 11 stores. The drug store chain launched a sister brand called Brunet Clinque in 2010. Just over 20 retail locations operate under the Brunet banner in Quebec as of April 2013.

Special Services
Primarily serving as local apothecaries, Brunet drug stores provide customers with prescription and over-the-counter medicinal services. Customers may also purchase popular health and beauty products, including both name-brand and off-label merchandise, at reasonable prices. The drug store chain provides patrons the ability to consult with pharmacists and renew prescriptions online through the company website. Most Brunet locations operate as standalone stores.

Brunet operates as a division of major, Canadian food retailer Metro Inc. The publicly traded Metro lists as MRU on the TSX and maintains six main brand names in addition to Brunet locations. Collectively, Metro subsidiaries and retail divisions generate approximately $11 billion in annual revenues. Metro Inc. corporate headquarters rest in Montreal, QC. Brunet maintains corporate operations in Anjou, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Brunet: 14

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