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Bowring Brothers department stores hold a rich history throughout Canada. Founded in 1811, Bowring features hundreds of products for the home. Bowring Brothers Limited manages over 50 department store locations across the country. Company headquarters reside in St. John’s, NL, Canada.

Bowring stores specialize in a wide array of home decor items. Customers may find tabletop products, decorative accessories, wall decor, furniture, lighting, textiles, custom gifts, and seasonal and bridal items. Bowring consistently holds weekly and annual sales on products throughout stores. Most Bowring stores reside in major shopping malls and gift shops, which entertain hundreds of customers every day.

Department store chains like Bowring always need to hire retail workers for full-time jobs and part-time positions. Working at Bowring requires heavy use of social skills and customer service skills. Bowring encourages both first-time job seekers and experienced individuals to apply for jobs with the chain. Prospective candidates may apply online or visit a Bowring store in person to fill out an official job application. After completing the application, stay in touch with Bowring Brothers to stay up-to-date on hiring status and possible openings.

Bowring Job Titles and Salary Information
Bowring stores hire entry-level job seekers and career-focused professionals alike. Applicants in search of Bowring jobs must meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old for employment consideration. Entry-level positions available with the retailer typically feature part-time hours. Full-time job opportunities, such as supervisory roles and managerial positions, also exist at Bowring Brothers stores. The Canadian department store chain must hire for the following jobs:

Sales Clerk – Sales clerk represents the most common position for hire throughout Bowring stores. Bowring sales clerks keep stores clean and safe for customers. Specific job duties include manning cash registers, stocking new merchandise, receiving shipments from delivery trucks, and rearranging displays. Shifts available include both evening and daytime hours. An hourly position, Bowring sales clerks earn starting pay of roughly $9.00 to $11.00 per hour.

Night Crew – Night crew jobs at Bowring feature much less customer interaction than other positions within the store. Bowring night crew associates mainly work after hours, with no customers in the store. A physically demanding job, night stockers work on foot for hours at a time and perform manual labor. Applicants must possess the ability to lift as much as 35 pounds. Another hourly position, night crew members with Bowring generally earn more than regular store associates, mainly due to unusual work schedules. New-hires starting out as night crew members with Bowring make around $10.00 to $12.00 an hour.

Management – Bowring management candidates need strong decision-making skills. Managers essentially ensure employees stay on task and perform job duties properly. Additional responsibilities may include setting schedules, preparing stores for sales, and conducting job interviews. Bowring managers may earn salary rates from $40,000 to $55,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Bowring Brothers
Several job benefits exist for Bowring store associates. Work benefits available consist of both financial and healthcare programs. Basic employment benefits offered by Bowring include significant discounts on Bowring merchandise. Employees also earn competitive wages, bonus incentives, and service rewards. Qualified workers with Bowring receive vision, dental, and general health coverage. Bowring financial planning benefits include employee savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, paid vacation time, and sick leave.

Experienced Bowring employees may gain access to company-sponsored 401(k) retirement plans. Usually, Bowring associates must meet eligibility requirements prior to receiving 401(k) plan options. Most employee benefits remain available to full-time team members, managers, and corporate workers. Contact a local Bowring Brothers to learn more about employment benefits and to begin the hiring process.

Bowring Brothers Limited began as a private company in St. John’s, NL, Canada in 1811. A family business, Bowring originally began as a dry goods store that also specialized in ship sales and other ventures. Around the Second World War, Bowring began focusing on retail operations. Retail chain Benix & Co. purchased Bowring in 2005. In 2007, the company fell under ownership of Bowring and Benix & Co.

Products and Services
The national retailer primarily sells home accessories and decor products. Shoppers may find coffee mugs, tea sets, and other beverage accessories. In addition, Bowring offers many frames, figurines, clocks, candleholders, and other home decor. Bowring even offers floral and garden items in seasonal capacities for holidays, like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. Other products offered by Bowring include furniture, lighting fixtures, textiles, and customizable gifts.

The Bowring store chain remains a privately owned company. Company headquarters remain in Newfoundland where the family business first started. Outside of retail stores, the company owns and operates the Bowring Downtown Centre, an office complex in the city of St. John’s. Toronto-based home goods retailer Benix & Co. acts as part owner of Bowring stores. The company generates millions of dollars in annual revenues.

Minimum age to work at Bowring: 16

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