Booster Juice Interview

Job Interview Experience

What to Expect

Canadian company Booster Juice operates one of the most popular chains of smoothie bars in the country. Nearly 250 locations hire job seekers on a regular basis to fill entry-level and professional positions. Booster Juice offers both part-time and full-time work opportunities. To gain hiring consideration, applicants must participate in the Booster Juice interview process.

Hiring Process

Meet with a Manager
Candidates often meet with a store manager or other hiring representative to discuss available Booster Juice jobs. Most of the interview covers job requirements for the position being applied for. Booster Juice managers use this time to get to know applicants, asking about interests, employment histories, social skills, and career goals or other aspirations.

Second Interview Expectations
Depending on the vacant position and location, Booster Juice candidates may need to participate in a second job interview. For example, managerial applicants routinely go through two or more interviews with the smoothie company.

Personal Questions
Quite frequently, interviewees must answer questions regarding personal qualifications during follow-up interviews with Booster Juice. Potential hires should expect to go over information on the job application with the interviewer and answer questions pertaining to work availability, education, employment background, and personal activities. As the second interview typically helps Booster Juice make the final hiring decision, applicants should treat the session professionally and answer all questions honestly.

Possible Interview Questions and Answers

Q: How often can you work? Are you available weekends? Evenings?
A: My schedule is pretty open. I can work all available hours, except Thursday evenings.

Q: What is one thing you are especially proud of?
A: When I was little and played youth baseball, I made the all-star team. I always strive to do my best, and when my hard work pays off, it’s very rewarding.

Q: What would you do to improve each customer’s experience at Booster Juice?
A: I like to make people laugh, so I would probably say livening the workplace and engaging with customers in a joking manner.

Interview Tips

Attire: What to Wear
Neat clothing and professional appearance rank just as important as the application and interview process when hiring new Booster Juice workers. While Booster Juice may not seem like a strict corporate environment, applicants still should dress appropriately to show professionalism and social awareness. Slacks or khaki pants represent ideal business-casual apparel for applicants.

For women, a conservative dress or skirt may also provide appropriate interview attire. Collared button-down shirts, solid-colored polos, or casual sweaters offer suitable options for either men or women to wear during a Booster Juice interview. Clean office shoes or heels perfectly complete the interview ensemble. Easy to overlook, the weather plays a major role in determining daily outfits, and applicants should dress for the interview in accordance with predicted forecasts in order to eliminate the chance of sweating during the interview.