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A pioneer in the cosmetics industry, The Body Shop oversees 3,000 retail outlets in over 60 countries across the world. Operating in Canada since 1980, the chain of cosmetics stores maintains a widespread presence throughout the country. The nationwide range of the beauty brand creates frequent employment opportunities for Canadian job seekers, as the cosmetics retailer must continuously hire associates to stock stores, assist customers, and sell products. Prospective employees should apply online in order to receive hiring consideration for available jobs.

With flexible schedules featuring part-time hours, customer consultant positions available at The Body Shop stores offer work/life balance ideal for students and other associates involved in activities outside of the job. Customer consultant jobs also prove suitable for entry-level applicants, as the position simply requires courteous mannerisms, professionalism, and compliance with the minimum hiring age of 18. Job seekers with general knowledge of beauty products and personable qualities conducive to interacting with shoppers should apply to work as customer consultants.

Candidates possessing prior retail experience and seeking full-time employment may want to take advantage of team lead, assistant manager, or shop manager career opportunities. Like customer consultants, team leads and managers must adhere to an age minimum of 18 years in order to work at The Body Shop. The leadership positions also demand proven track records of excellence in customer service and extensive knowledge of retail operations. Each level of management features vital responsibilities increasing in scope to reflect the authority of the job title.

The Body Shop Positions and Salary Information
The Body Shop jobs provides hourly pay scales or annual salary options commensurate with mandated provincial wages and retail industry standards. Each associate also immediately qualifies for certain employment benefits, such as exciting and rewarding store environments, chances for global career advancement, and the opportunity to work with unique and innovative product lines. Completing the online application form represents the first step towards landing jobs in Canada such as:

Customer Consultant – Entry-level customer consultants support the fulfillment of store sales goals by handling transactions efficiently at the cash register and assisting shoppers effectively and professionally. Processing purchases and returns, collecting payments, cleaning and organizing the sales floor, and stocking merchandise serve as essential responsibilities of customer consultant jobs. Employees also use knowledge of cosmetics to answer customer questions, recommend products, and promote special items. The Body Shop often hires applicants with prior customer service experience over other, less experienced candidates. Customer consultants earn hourly wages, with pay rates typically resting between $10.00 CAD and $11.00 CAD per hour.

Team Lead – Team leads work full-time and assume all managerial responsibilities in the absence of assistant and shop managers. Other job duties include training and supervising entry-level associates, maintaining the visual appeals of store sales floors, collaborating with management to improve store performance, and working alongside customer consultants. Applicants must possess at least one year of retail management experience. Hourly pay rates for team lead jobs generally hover around $11.00 CAD or $12.00 CAD.

Management – Available to job seekers with multiple years of management experience in retail settings, assistant manager and shop manager positions require comprehensive knowledge of all operational aspects of the store. Managers take on various responsibilities with regards to sales, visual merchandising, inventory management, employee recruitment and development, and customer service. Job duties range from setting financial targets and evaluating worker performance to hiring new employees and keeping store inventories fully stocked. Managers also handle tasks like scheduling, bookkeeping, and conflict resolution. Prospective managers should understand and embody the values of the company as well as possess thorough knowledge of cosmetics and beautifying procedures. Depending on the job title, the average manager enjoys an annual salary ranging from about $35,000 CAD to $60,000 CAD or more.

Benefits of Working at The Body Shop
Employment at The Body Shop comes with several job benefits. For new hires, the cosmetics retailer offers integration programs tailored to the personal needs of each new employee. Called FIT, the personalized training programs incorporate a combination of seminars, meetings, and on-the-job learning to equip workers with the tools necessary to succeed with the company. Other employee benefits for eligible associates often include paid vacation, volunteering days, pension plans, and annual allowances to spend on personal development and wellbeing.

The Body Shop began in England in 1976. Four years after inception, the cosmetics company opened storefronts in Canada. The international retailer continued to open stores in new markets throughout the 1980s and 1990s, with a major increase in world exposure taking place after industry giant L’Oreal purchased the chain in 2006.

Products and Services
The beauty products retailer focuses on making cosmetics from quality raw ingredients sourced from artisan farmers throughout the world. With an emphasis on ethical business practices, the company never tests products on animals and only sells completely vegetarian cosmetics. Supporting community trade, defending human rights, refraining from animal testing, activating self-esteem, and protecting the planet serve as the five core values of the cosmetics retailer.

A member of the L’Oreal corporate umbrella, The Body Shop contributes to total revenues reaching in excess of €22 billion for the international parent company. Operations hinge on fair-trade agreements with suppliers, which bolster global relations with supply companies in potential markets. Company headquarters reside in Littlehampton, England, UK.

Minimum age to work at The Body Shop: 18

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