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Best Western Canada provides comfortable yet affordable accommodations to travelers throughout the country. The hotel giant maintains almost 200 properties across Canada with over 18,000 rooms. Best Western Canada features luxury hotels with hundreds of amenities in both exotic and metropolitan locations. Traveling guests may enjoy the three types of hotels operated by the brand, which include Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier.

Best Western Job Opportunities

Full-time & Part-time

With many locations across the country, Best Western Canada needs to hire both full-time and part-time entry-level and experienced professionals. Entry-level applicants with little-to-no work experience may find jobs with Best Western as front desk agents, laundry attendants, housekeepers, maintenance technicians, and security officers. Job seekers with culinary experience may find jobs in Best Western Canada restaurants or room service departments. Individuals with secondary education may obtain careers as managers or positions with the corporate offices. Apply online today to discover Best Western job opportunities in Canada now.

Basic Requirements

Job seekers must meet the required age of 14 to work in many Canadian hotels. However, Best Western hotels only consider applicants 16 years of age and older. Job candidates with open schedules, team-oriented values, and excellent customer service skills typically fair well during Best Western interviews.

Popular Best Western Positions and Salary Information

Consult the following list for available jobs with Best Western Canada:

Front Desk Agent

An entry-level position, front desk agents with Best Western come in direct contact with hotel guests. Applicants must work flexible schedules, which may include days, nights, weekends, and holidays. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Taking reservations.
  • Answering phones.
  • Checking guests in and out.
  • Explaining company policies, procedures, and services.
  • Best Western front desk agents in Canada generally earn around $13.00 to $15.00 per hour.

Laundry Attendant

Applicants must possess the ability to work for long periods standing, bending, lifting up to 75 pounds, and pushing carts weighing up to 100 pounds. Best Western hiring managers often seek out individuals with the ability to work extremely flexible schedules. Best Western laundry attendants job duties are to:

  • Prepare, clean, and deliver hotel linens to departments.
  • Adhere to company policies, procedures, and safety guidelines.
  • Maintaining laundry equipment.
  • Responding to requests from hotel guests and staff.
  • Maintaining organized and clean work environments.
  • Laundry attendants with the hotel chain earn average hourly pay between $11.00 and $13.00.

Room Attendant

Room attendants provide housekeeping services for Best Western Canada guests. Applicants must possess excellent cleaning and sanitation skills for employment consideration from Best Western. Primary job responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining and cleaning guest hotel rooms and facilities.
  • Preparing cleaning carts.
  • Maintaining clean and orderly storerooms.
  • Restocking rooms.
  • Ensuring lights, smoke alarms, and remotes work properly.
  • Room attendants in Canada generally receive hourly pay rates from $12.00 to $14.00.


Career-minded applicants may discover managerial opportunities with Best Western Canada. Applicants must stand at least 18 years of age for managerial consideration with the hospitality company. Additionally, job seekers must possess secondary education and/or equivalent work experience. Managerial positions include front desk manager, housekeeping manager, and hotel manager opportunities. Best Western managers job duties are to:

  • Schedule associates.
  • Delegate work.
  • Communicate with corporate offices.
  • Ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Front desk managers with Best Western Canada typically earn hourly rates between $15.00 and $18.00.
  • Housekeeping managers generally make $14.00 to $16.00 an hour, as well.
  • Hotel managers oversee entire Best Western hotel operations and often earn salary options in excess of $70,000 per year.

Benefits of Working at Best Western Canada

Best Western Canada ensures the quality of healthy living for all employees with job benefits. Eligible hotel associates enjoy medical, dental, and vision coverage. Additional insurance includes life insurance, prescription drug plans, and accidental death and dismemberment. Upon hire, new Best Western workers enjoy paid training, career advancement opportunities, and competitive wages. Job seekers may apply online with Best Western for further information on available employment benefits.

Insurance & Savings Packages

The Canadian hotel chain also offers work benefits, such as flexible spending accounts, 401(k) retirement plans with employer match, and employee assistance plans to ensure the financial stability of team members. The hotel giant understands the balance between life and work; Best Western provides paid time off for qualified employees and recognizes outstanding efforts with service awards and recognition dinners. Discounted rates on travel and hotel accommodations also exist for eligible workers at Best Western locations.


Founded in 1946, Best Western stands one of the leading hotel brands in the world. The Best Western name originated from independent hotel owners making referrals to one another to travelers in California. The name Best Western developed from hotel operators owning hotel properties west of the Mississippi River. In 1964, Best Western expanded internationally when Canadian hotel owners joined the company. The hotel giant developed additional properties in Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand in 1976. Best Western joined the European market with locations in Great Britain throughout the 1980s and the Asian and Middle Eastern markets in the 1990s. Today, Best Western operates more than 4,000 hotels in over 100 countries worldwide.

How Does Best Western Work?

The hotel giant offers many features and comforts for travelers in convenient locations. Best Western Canada allows travelers to explore ski resorts, conduct business in downtown commercial centers, and discover the natural beauty of the Canadian landscape. Guests enjoy online hotel reservations, room service, and concierge services. Hotel accommodations typically include health and fitness centers, pools and hot tubs, restaurants and bars, complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi, ballrooms, and conference rooms. Best Western hotel rooms feature high-speed internet, cable television, wake-up services, room service, and air conditioning.

Special Services

Best Western Canada offers many special amenities to guests, which include concierge services, housekeeping services, room service, and free continental breakfast. The hotel chain offers clean and comfortable rooms for single guests or entire families. Best Western Plus provides all amenities for the traveling business person, such as high-speed internet, fitness centers, and suites with open living spaces, including couches, desks, and refrigerators, and microwaves. Best Western Premier provides an upscale environment, which features conference rooms for business meetings, suites with open floor space, and free Wi-Fi access.


The international hotel chain manages more than 4,000 locations worldwide. The hotel giant employs roughly 1,000 entry-level workers and corporate professionals to maintain operations and ensure customer satisfaction. Altogether, Best Western produces annual revenue of just over $200 million. Company headquarters for Best Western resides in Phoenix, AZ.

Minimum age to work at Best Western: 16

Official Site:

Watch video of a Best Western employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

Best Western Bellman:
I was a bellman. So basically when guests come to the hotel, I ask them how they’re doing, show them where reception is and if they need any help with the bags, carry it to their room for them.

What was the work environment like?

Best Western Bellman:
They were really big on grooming, having no visible tattoos, having clean facial hair, clean haircuts. They don’t really like the whole shaggy look. They’re trying to keep it professional.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

Best Western Bellman:
Actually, I got a referral from a friend that worked in the Reservations Department, and then once I had done that, they took me down to the Human Resources Department, and then I talked to a lady there and she’s put me through a little paperwork that I had to fill out and simple interview, nothing particular.

What set you apart from other candidates?

Best Western Bellman:
I just think I’m really good at talking to people. I’m not shy. I’m not afraid to talk to random people. If somebody asked me a questions, I usually can figure out. Good problem solver, help everybody. I think that was probably the big one.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?

Best Western Bellman:
Don’t be afraid. Just go for it. Be nice to people. People aren’t scary. Just go talk to them.

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