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One of the largest markets for the company, Best Buy Canada operates as one of the largest retailers in the country for consumer electronics, entertainment, and appliances. In addition to electronics, Best Buy offers customer service and tech support for any and all shopper needs. Wholly owned by the Best Buy Corporation, Best Buy Canada features over 100 stores in locations across the country.

Best Buy offers hundreds of name-brand products from companies like LG, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Canon, and Maytag. Best Buy also carries mobile phone services, as well, including all of the updated smart phone models. The Best Buy Corporation holds several electronic subsidiaries, such as Geek Squad, Future Shop, Magnolia, Pacific Sales, and Speakeasy. Many Best Buy stores in Canada even carry exclusive electronics brands.

Best Buy Canada employs hundreds of workers across the country. However, the company routinely hires dedicated and reliable new team members for multiple positions. Applicants may find part-time jobs and full-time opportunities by applying with Best Buy. The company offers everything from retail jobs, distribution center positions, and Geek Squad or technical support work. Individuals interested in Best Buy jobs may apply online or at store locations. When seeking employees, Best Buy promotes four core values for successful employment: have fun while being the best, learn from challenge and change, show respect, humility and integrity, and unleash the power of our people.

Best Buy Job Titles and Salary Rates

Sales and Service – Sales and service members with Best Buy take over the retail aspect of the company. Each day, sales associates must greet customers, organize the sales floor, and assist with any shopper needs. Successful sales and service associates must communicate comfortably with hundreds of visitors each day. Additionally, sales associates should learn features of new and current Best Buy products. Some sales associate jobs exist in full-time, part-time, and seasonal capacities. Hourly pay rates for Best Buy sales and service associates in Canada start around $9.00 and may increase to about $12.00 per hour.

Best Buy Mobile – Mobile associates with Best Buy represent one of the major subsidiaries of Best Buy. Associates mainly sell a wide variety of cell phones and phone plans. Best Buy Mobile workers must be familiar with various smart phones and other plans. Constantly updating technology and operating systems require Best Buy Mobile employees to stay updated on new and current technology. Best Buy mobile crew members also earn around $9.00 to $10.00 an hour to start, plus commissions.

Distribution Center – Employment with Best Buy Canada distribution centers feature jobs including shippers, receivers, technicians, team leads, and supervisors. Based out of Ontario and British Columbia, distribution center workers help deliver product and merchandise to stores throughout the country. Reliant on logistics, distribution center workers with Best Buy must stay detail-oriented and work on a timetable. Wages for Best Buy distribution center workers in Canada depend on job title and experience with the company, but may range from $10.00 to $16.00 per hour.

Geek Squad Member – Geek Squad employees with Best Buy provide in-depth technical support and troubleshooting to customers. Geek Squad members must be knowledgeable around different types of computers and operating systems. Team members often help customers with very limited computer knowledge. Qualified Geek Squad team members with Best Buy in Canada may earn well over $13.00 or $14.00 an hour, with frequent raises for good job performance.

Benefits of Working at Best Buy Canada
Outside of competitive hourly wages and annual salary options, Best Buy Canada offers several additional employee benefits. Best Buy gives out several awards for exceptional job performance, bonus pay plans, and even on-the-job training and mentoring. The Best Buy work environment even includes recycling programs, flexible shift schedules, and even social events. To help improve treatment, employees with Best Buy may complete a semi-annual feedback and experience survey.

Aside from performance rewards and bonuses, Best Buy offers job benefits for employee health and wellness, as well as financial assurance. Through corporate parents, the company offers a personalized health plan, employee discounts, stock purchase plans, and even a retirement pension plan. To qualify for Best Buy employment benefits, associates usually must be employed full-time and time spent with the company. For example, managers, distribution center workers, and corporate Best Buy employees qualify for more work benefits than new or part-time retail staff members.

USA Best Buy Application

Best Buy entered the Canadian market in 2002, with eight stores in the Toronto area. With the help from the Best Buy Corporation, the retail chain quickly began to expand into Canadian provinces, which include British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec. In total, more than 100 locations make up the Best Buy Canada network. Headquarters for Best Buy Canada reside in Burnaby, BC.

Best Buy stores offer countless electronics and appliances to customers throughout the country. Best Buy offers customers a wide variety of music, computers, TVs, video games, cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, and other electronics. In addition, Best Buy offers mobile phone services, software updates, and Geek Squad tech support. Best Buy engages and develops partnerships and promotional opportunities with charities and organizations across the country to maintain a strong presence in surrounding communities.

Best Buy Corporation currently manages all the Canadian locations from corporate headquarters in Richfield, MN. A worldwide retailer of high-end electronics, Best Buy employs over 167,000 employees. A publicly-traded company, Best Buy trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the initials, BBY. Out of the electronics company and all the subsidiaries, Best Buy Corporation produces more than $50 billion in annual revenue.

Minimum age to work at Best Buy: 16

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