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Bell Communications operates as a Canadian telecommunications company based out of the Province of Quebec. Specializing in broadband communications, the telecom company provides service to roughly 2 million customers nationwide. The corporation primarily operates as Bell Canada, which offers a wide range of communications services ranging from digital phone lines and high-speed internet to satellite and fiber-optic television. The Canadian communications corporation maintains several other subsidiaries, including Bell Aliant, Northwestel, Telebec, and Northern Tel. Over 55,000 entry-level employees and career professionals work for Bell nationwide.

Providing communications service across Canada, Bell Communications operates as one of the three largest telecom companies in the country. Customers enjoy access to a wide range of services, including television, mobile, home phone, and internet. Services feature both hardwire and wireless capabilities. The major communications conglomerate also owns the CTV television network, which broadcasts to a majority of Canadian provinces and some U.S. states. A track record of innovation and customer satisfaction positions the company as one of the premier telecommunications firms in the world. The communications firm maintains call centers, service branches, and corporate offices throughout the country to maintain customer bases and ensure overall satisfaction with services provided.

Job seekers looking for work in the communications industry should fill out an application for Bell Communications careers now. Employment opportunities stand readily available in a variety of fields and feature part-time and full-time schedules, paid training, competitive hourly wages and salary options, ongoing career development, and access to work benefits packages. Most jobs available require applicants to meet the minimum hiring age of 16. Many specialized positions require applicants to meet an age minimum of 18 years and hold related experience or vocational training.

Popular Jobs and Pay Information

Due to the large number of customers served, Bell Communications needs to hire new and talented associates on a regular basis. The scope of the brand continues to grow as innovations and upgrades filter into the mobile and internet technology fields. Job seekers find myriad opportunities for rewarding and viable employment with the Canadian communications firm. The nationwide company needs to hire:

Sales Representative

  • The sizable French-speaking population in Canada requires Bell Canada sales representative workers to meet bilingual hiring requirements.
  • Applicants must speak and comprehend both French and English to gain employment.
  • Workers typically undergo phone interviews screening for applicant language capabilities.
  • As entry-level positions, sales representative jobs generally only require applicants meet the standard language and hiring age qualifications for employment.
  • Applicants must possess friendly, patient, and personable personalities to gain hiring consideration, as well.
  • Effective problem-solving skills and the ability to work as part of teams as well as individually often benefits prospective associates.
  • Sales representatives primarily provide assistance to customers and explain products and service bundles via telephone and email at company call centers and branch offices.
  • Experience using computers greatly aids workers vying for sales representative jobs.
  • Starting pay rests at $10.00 CAD an hour.


  • Highly trained and certified workers may apply online for technician jobs.
  • Key duties for technician employees include troubleshooting, installing, and servicing both hardware and software.
  • Technicians may provide assistance to customers remotely from branch offices or perform maintenance on-site.
  • The position often features regular travel and long hours.
  • Employees in the role may remain on call during holidays and weekends.
  • Most technicians work part-time; however, Bell Canada branches may hire technicians as part-time employees, in some cases.
  • Hiring requirements include specialized vocational training or relevant degrees from accredited secondary or post-secondary learning institutions.
  • Applicants must generally stand at least 18 years old in order to work as technicians.
  • Clear understanding of communications technologies and various applications prove vital to receiving employment consideration.
  • Testing of basic and working knowledge often occurs during interviews for technician positions.
  • Technicians earn between $40,000 CAD and $50,000 CAD annual salary at start.
  • Experienced technicians may earn as much as $80,000 CAD to $90,000 CAD per year.

Benefits of Working at Bell Communications

Specific work benefits for Bell Canada employees vary by department. Upon hire, workers across all departments enjoy competitive pay scales and career development programmes. Despite varying job benefits packages, most full-time associates enjoy healthcare plans, bonus schemes, and pension schemes. Sales personnel often receive commission incentives, as well. The North American communications company also regularly offers discounts on products and services.


After receiving patent rights from son and telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Melville Bell sold the Canadian patents to the National Bell Telephone Company in 1879. National Bell Telephone Company merged with New England Telephone and Telegraph Company the following year, which led to the creation of Bell System. The newly created entity represents the first incarnation of modern-day Bell Communications. Legislation passed by the Canadian government in 1968 officially established the company as Bell Canada. In 2011, Bell Canada founded Bell Media, which serves as a mass media conglomerate in full proprietorship of one of the most watched networks in Canada, CTV.

Products and Services

A majority of products and services provided by Bell Communications revolve around telephone and internet services. The large firm offers hardline and mobile communications services in addition to broadband internet available through both landline and wireless means. Other services include digital television, radio, and print publications. The major communications company also maintains a minority interest in the Montreal Canadiens professional hockey team through Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which also oversees the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL franchise, Toronto Raptors of the NBA, Toronto FC of the MLS, and Toronto Marlies of the American Hockey League.


Forbes Magazine ranks Bell Communications as one of the Top 2000 Global companies worldwide. In 2011, the service provider ranked as number 265 on the list. The prominent telecom company trades publicly on both the Toronto Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange as BCE. Annual revenues for all subsidiaries reach nearly $19.5 billion CAD. Company corporate headquarters reside in Montreal, QC, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Bell Communications: 16

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