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Baskin-Robbins operates the largest chain of ice cream shops in the world. Found in over 50 countries, Baskin-Robbins maintains a network of more than 7,000 stores. The first Baskin-Robbins Canada opened in 1972, and the concept quickly caught on. Today, more than 100 Baskin-Robbins locations operate across Canada with new franchise locations opening each year.

An iconic ice cream company, Baskin-Robins may be distinguished by a striking pink and blue color scheme and the distinctive pink serving spoon. A leading ice cream shop, Baskin-Robbins remains synonyms with high-quality frozen treats. The innovative ice cream chain also earns notoriety for offering a vast selection of ice creams, which customers may sample any flavor available. Baskin-Robbins also famously offers free ice cream dishes to birthday customers, and the chain offers frequent promotions to keep guests coming back for more.

Also known as Baskin-Robbins 31, Baskin-Robbins became popular for originally offering 31 flavors of ice cream. Today, the ice cream chain serves hundreds of unique ice cream flavors and continues to produce new concoctions. Serving a mix of new and old ice cream flavors, Baskin-Robbins stocks long-celebrated favorites alongside new creations. For customers who want to enjoy Baskin-Robbins ice cream at home, the ice cream shop offers Grab-N-Go fresh packed ice cream and pre-packaged quarts to take home.

Baskin-Robbins Canada Jobs and Salary Information
Baskin-Robbins looks for positive, customer-focused associates to join the team. As an expansive ice cream shop chain, Baskin-Robbins frequently needs workers to staff part-time jobs and full-time careers. Whether looking for an entry-level job or a rewarding career, Baskin-Robbins offers excellent work opportunities. Common job titles available at Baskin-Robbins include:

Team Member -Team members provide fast and friendly customer service. Key duties include answering customer questions, lending out ice cream samples, taking orders, and running cash registers. In addition to customer care responsibilities, team members stock supplies in the front end and clean and organize he store. Team members need to possess strong communication skills, attentive attitudes, and desire to succeed. On average, a team member earns between minimum wage and $10.00 an hour.

Cake Decorator – Baskin-Robbins cake decorators create and prepare artful, eye-catching dessert designs. A cake decorator must produce desserts quickly without compromising quality. Desserts need to meet Baskin-Robbins’ decorating quality standards, like straight and smooth edges and surfaces, even borders, and symmetrical appearances. In addition to creative decorating, cake decorators also monitor inventory stock and order supplies when necessary. Baskin-Robbins needs cake decorators to be creative, meticulous, and organized. Cake decorators should also show positive attitudes and self-motivation. Cake decorators typically make between $10.00 and $14.00 a year.

Manager -Managers at Baskin-Robbins monitor store activities and ensure stores operate effectively. Key responsibilities include monitoring finances, managing labor, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Financial responsibilities include counting money, monitoring budgets, controlling payroll, and authorizing financial expenditures. For labor management, managers interview and hire associates, delegate job duties, and provide ongoing coaching and training. To ensure customer satisfaction, managers monitor food preparation and storage to guarantee quality and resolve customer issues. Managers earn salaries ranging from $50,000 to $80,000 a year.

Benefits of Working at Baskin-Robbins Canada
Baskin-Robbins offers generous work benefits to qualified associates. Eligible associates enjoy financial benefits, such as 410(k) retirement plans, service incentives, and bonuses. Qualifying workers may also access life insurance plans, disability coverage, employee assistance programs, and medical assistance plans. Baskin-Robbins operates numerous franchised units and employee benefits may vary by location.

In addition to handsome work benefits packages, Baskin-Robbins offers a host of job perks available to all associates. First and foremost, associates enjoy the fun, friendly atmosphere that Baskin-Robbins offers. Key perks employees receive include flexible work schedules, paid training, and numerous career advancement opportunities. Dessert lovers will enjoy discounts on ice cream, milkshakes, and cakes.

USA Baskin Robbins Application

Sharing a love for old-fashioned ice cream, brothers-in-law Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins set out to create an ice cream parlor that would be the preferred meeting place for the community. In 1945, at the advice of Irv’s father, the pair opened separate ventures. Irv opened Snowbird Ice Cream and Burt opened Burton’s Ice Cream Shop. By 1949, the two savvy business owners had 40 ice cream shops between them. In addition to entrepreneurial spirits, the two shared a desire to create rich, one-of-a-kind ice cream flavors. The two purchased a dairy, which allowed them total creative license over ice cream production. By the time the companies merged in 1953, the company proudly offered 31 flavors under the Baskin-Robbins moniker. The chain steadily grew throughout the 60s, and in the 70s, Baskin-Robbins expanded internationally with locations in Canada, Japan, Australia, and Japan. Over time, Baskin-Robbins has creative over 1,000 unique ice cream flavors, but remains well known for the “31 flavors” concept, which represents a different ice cream flavor of each day of the month. An immensely popular ice cream shop chain, Baskin-Robbins now manages more than 7,000 stores worldwide.

Baskin-Robbins offers a wide range of classic ice cream flavors, and top sellers include vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, pralines ‘n cream, and chocolate chip. Other all-time favorites offered at Baskin-Robbins include mango tango, strawberry cheesecake, and chocolate mousse. In addition to long-standing favorites, the ice cream shop rotates in seasonal flavors that complement the particular time of year. Always keeping things fresh, Baskin-Robbins showcases a unique ice cream flavor every month with the famous flavor of the month program. An international ice cream chain dedicated to pleasing customers, Baskin-Robbins adapts ice cream flavors to appeal to the tastes of each country. In addition to ice cream, Baskin-Robbins offers beverages like milkshakes, smoothies, fruit blasts, and floats. The ice cream shop chain also offers custom-ordered ice cream cakes and birthday cakes.

Dunkin’ Brands Group owns and operates Baskin-Robbins. A leader in the fast-food industry, Dunkin’ Brands also serves as parent company to the world-famous restaurant chain Dunkin’ Donuts. A publicly held company, Dunkin’ Brands trades on the NYSE as DNKN. Each year, Dunkin Brands brings in approximately $1.9 billion in revenue. Total equity for Dunkin Brands Group rests around $745 million. Dunkin’ Brands maintains headquarters in Canton, MA.

Minimum age to work at Baskin-Robbins : 16

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