Bank Jobs in Canada

Common Positions for Bank Employees

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives at bank locations typically spend the most time interacting with everyday customers. Representatives may help customers with financing, investing, retirement, and other banking needs. Customer service jobs require social skills and transactional ability. Successful representatives must adhere to all bank policies and procedures as well as a constantly shifting work environment.

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Financial Service Manager

Financial service managers often carry multiple duties. First, financial managers supervise dozens of customer service workers in a given branch. Customer service representatives routinely consult with service managers about bank policies and financial policies. Before hiring financial service managers, a bank may require candidates to hold several accountabilities: service team performance, superior customer service, product knowledge and referral development, risk management, and leadership for staff performance.

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Commercial Account Manager

As the name implies, commercial account managers handle customer needs for business and commercial clients. These employees may handle a number of accounts, which require meeting several unique financial goals and strategies. Generally, becoming a commercial account manager requires some previous, related experience or education in banking or finance.

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Retail Banking Associate

Retail banking associates operate and maintain facilities that customers use every day for unique banking and financial needs. Retail banking employees often work as personal bankers, premium bankers, tellers, financial advisors, and in several other positions in branch locations. Retail bankers deal with hundreds of members of local communities and must maintain a great relationship with every customer of the bank. Successful job candidates should demonstrate calm demeanors, adept social skills, and good problem-solving skills.

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