Auto Shop & Repair Jobs in Canada

Common Job Openings

Customer Service Associate

An entry-level opportunity, the position of customer service associate involves ringing up sales and answering questions about products, services, and policies. Customer service associates generally work behind large service desks and stand on foot for long periods of time. The average customer service employee works part-time. Full-time schedules also exist for customer service associate jobs at many auto shop locations. The position typically pays minimum wage at start and up to $13.00 or $15.00 an hour with experience.

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A highly technical position, installers repair, maintain, and install automotive parts on customer vehicles. Applicants must demonstrate extensive product knowledge during job interviews to gain employment. The position typically offers full-time hours. Starting pay for installer employees falls around $30,000 per year. Annual salary increases up to roughly $37,000 with experience.

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Auto chains needs to hire mechanics to perform automotive work and manual labor on customer vehicles. Like installers, repair shops must hire mechanics with working knowledge of motor vehicles and automotive parts. Most Canadian service centers also screen for reliable applicants. Individuals with experience in the automotive industry often gain preferred selection over other candidates. Most mechanics start out at $37,000 in annual salary, depending on experience.

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Certified Technician

Individuals interested in becoming automotive technicians must possess ASE certifications through accredited training programs. ASE technicians diagnose, explain, repair, and service all makes and models of vehicles. Technicians work with advanced automotive repair equipment to maintain customer vehicles properly. Salary options for ASE certified mechanics range between $38,000 and $50,000 per year based on experience.

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Sales Associate

A customer service position, Auto Value sales associates explain products and assist customers with selections. Sales associates must display basic automotive knowledge for employment consideration. Additional sales associate job duties include ringing up customers, keeping stores clean and organized, maintaining inventory, explaining store policies, practices, and procedures, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Sales associates with most companies often receive hourly pay rates between $12.00 and $17.00.

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Another ideal opportunity for experienced automotive professionals, the position of estimator involves aspects of customer service, sales, and assessment. Primary responsibilities include greeting customers, assessing damages and necessary services, and selling parts and services. Charismatic, engaging, and driven individuals typically represent ideal candidates for estimator jobs. The position features full-time hours or 40 hours a week. Excellent communication skills, four to six years of related experience, and high school diplomas prove necessary for employment, in most cases. Estimators often earn annual salary options upwards of $55,000.


In addition to mechanic and installer jobs, career seekers may take interest in office manager positions. Oftentimes, big chains like AAMCO promote tenured mechanics and installers into office manager positions. Experience in the automotive industry plays a crucial role in consideration for managerial roles at most service centers. Additional characteristics of ideal candidates include applicants with strong leadership and organizational skills and extensive product knowledge. Job duties include ordering inventory, managing workers, setting schedules, hiring entry-level associates and full-time employees, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Office managers may earn salary options anywhere from $50,000 to $65,000 yearly.

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