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Well known to many fashion-conscious residents of Vancouver, BC, Aritzia retail shops feature eclectic selections of clothing and accessories. The chain caters to products primarily for teenage girls and young women.

Aritzia Job Opportunities

In order to succeed in the fashion retail industry, Aritzia stores need to hire aspiring employees able to provide exceptional customer service. The high-end boutique frequently hires new applicants to fill part-time and full-time employment opportunities. Job seekers intrigued by employment in the retail industry may find both entry-level jobs and long-term career opportunities. Jobs available provide upscale work environments, rewarding challenges, and generous employee benefits.

Basic Requirements

Before qualifying for jobs, employment seekers must first complete the online application process. After selecting from the list of available positions, candidates must then provide extensive contact information and preferred job locations. Prospective employees may also upload personal resumes.

Aritzia Positions and Salary Information

Jobs frequently for hire include:

Sales Associate

Job duties for sales associates include:

  • Aritzia sales associates find clothing for customers, organize sales floors, and stock out new products from shop storerooms.
  • Sales associates must also operate computerized tills used for ringing up purchases.
  • Essential qualities for successful sales associates include genuine interests in fashion, clean appearances, and flexible availability.
  • Since the chain operates as a high-end retailer, sales associates often receive greater awards, with pay scales averaging between $10.00 CAD and $15.00 CAD an hour.


Typical of many retail chains, merchandisers spend time creating eye-catching and well-stocked sales floor. Merchandisers responsibilities include:

  • Routinely filling shelves, racks, and displays with new products and organize items properly.
  • The employees also unload and properly organize new shipments in the stockroom for inventory purposes.
  • Merchandisers may work both early mornings and overnight shifts.
  • The position carries frequent physical requirements, including extensive walking, lifting, stooping, and bending.
  • Hourly wages for most merchandisers rest around $12.00 CAD to $14.00 CAD.

Store Manager

Store managers face many challenges and undertakings. Most importantly, associates in managerial positions must create and develop effective workforces of sales associates, merchandisers, and assistant managers. To accomplish the goal, managers oversee every aspect of the hiring process, including:

  • Pulling resumes, conducting interviews, and orientating employees to the Aritzia company culture.
  • Additionally, store managers make a priority of customer satisfaction and ensure each visitor receives exceptional treatment.
  • Administrative duties required of managers include payroll, scheduling, and marketing. The average store manager earns between $40,000 CAD and $60,000 CAD annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Aritzia

Aritzia clothing stores ensure employee satisfaction by offering several enticing job benefits. Associates may qualify for both primary and secondary work benefits. Primary job benefits usually include flexible scheduling, commission bonuses, and increasing vacation time.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Medical rewards typically qualify as secondary employment benefits only available to full-time workers and include affordable assistance for procedures involving general health as well as vision and dental plans. Financial employee benefits largely include access to company-sponsored credit unions, significant discounts on merchandise, and frequent raises for excellent service.

More About Aritzia

How Does Aritzia Work?

Aritzia primarily sells elegant and cultured apparel made from high-quality materials for women. Each store carries a variety of trendy t-shirts, blouses, coats, pants, jeans, dresses, sweaters, and even lingerie. The fashion house releases new collections routinely throughout the year, including seasonal items and exclusive brands. Accessories available from the clothing store include headgear, scarves, sunglasses, gloves, belts, and bags. The company even publishes an online magazine devoted to fashion advice, interviews, and new and upcoming trends.


The retailer first opened in Vancouver, BC, in 1984. Aritzia spent many years as a single boutique in Vancouver before expanding across the rest of the country in the mid-1990s. By appealing to the demographic of young women between the ages of 14 and 30, the fashion chain remains one of the most desirable clothiers in the Canadian fashion industry. Around 55 stores operate under the company namesake.

Products & Services

Virtually all Aritzia stores sell exclusive brands owned by the company. Popular selections available to customers include Wilfred, Le Fou, TNA, Babaton, and Talula. Locations employ different interior designers and decorators to create unique shopping experiences. Each store features natural materials, mood lighting, and self-described lounge-type atmospheres. Like many clothing stores and boutiques, the Canadian retail chain manages an extensive website for online shoppers, which provides information on upcoming deals and sales as well as access to thousands of products.


Aritzia maintains more than 50 stores across North America. While the company remains popular in Vancouver and the rest of Canada, the clothier also operates close to a dozen facilities in the United States. The fashion retail chain produces annual revenues between around $500 million. Company corporate headquarters sit in Vancouver, BC.

Minimum age to work at Aritzia: 15

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Watch video of a Aritzia employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.
Aritzia Sales Associate:
So my job title is sales associate and job duties, they include, so, cash, doing returns, exchanges, purchases, gift cards, things like that. It includes selling. So making sure that you meet your sales per hour for the store and your sales per unit, as well. So just make sure that you sell… You have a certain amount to meet. So you have to make sure you make that goal, not only for yourself, but for the store. It includes cleaning, basic sales associate duties, I guess. Fitting rooms, stuff like that.

What was the work environment like?
Aritzia Sales Associate:
Okay. Well, I mainly work with women. It’s a women’s retail store, so it’s mainly women that work there. And then we have a couple of guys that just do stock, merchandising. And women do merchandising too, but I have mainly women coworkers. The customers we get are normally… Well, the store kind of targets to people that are in between the ages of 12 and let’s say 24, 26. So, that’s where most of our customers range. But we also get older customers or customers shopping for their daughters or nieces. Our target, I guess, is towards younger girls because we have certain brands that are more for younger females. Whereas, some that are a little more sophisticated.

How would you describe the application and interview process?
Aritzia Sales Associate:
Well, actually, I got recruited to work there, but I’m also responsible for recruiting other people. But if somebody wanted to work at our store, normally they would bring in a resume. It actually just changed. They used to have to send you to the head office to get an interview, but now they started doing it at the stores themselves. So you’d bring in a resume, you’d meet with the manager and then they’d set up a date for the interview. You’d come in. And then if anything, they’d call you back to let you know.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?
Aritzia Sales Associate:
To be honest, they just asked me about myself and prior work experience. They asked a little bit about what I like to do in my spare time. What I’m interested in. What’s my style. Who are my inspirations for how I dress. And yeah, pretty much about yourself because they’re really big on fashion. So they really look for somebody that stands out and who has a great sense of fashion.

What other advice would you give to a job seeker looking to gain employment?
Aritzia Sales Associate:
First of all, they would definitely have to have a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of great customer service skills because it’s not the type of job where it’s like, you can get away with just folding clothes and not really doing anything. You really have to associate with all the customers, with everybody you’re working with. I would definitely tell them that they’re going to have to have kind of an outstanding fashion sense. Because they’re going to definitely ask some questions about that. They should have kind of an outgoing personality. Normally people that are more reserved, it doesn’t really work out because you always have to be really enthusiastic in the store and because you’re trying to get the sales. Right? So you have to make sure you have a good enthusiastic personality, for sure.