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With over 100 years of history, Archambault operates as a popular entertainment retailer serving Quebec. Specializing in music, Archambault offers entertainment products for the entire family. Based in Quebec, Archambault operates more than a dozen stores across Canada. Archambault also distributes merchandiser through its popular e-commerce site. Headquarters for Archambault reside in Montreal, Quebec.

Archambault serves as the largest music retailer in Quebec. A leading music retailer, Archambault offers the newest releases and a vast selection of CDs and mp3s for purchase. The retail chain also serves as the number one book retailer in Quebec. Additionally, Archambault serves as the as leading retailer for DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, sheet music, magazines, and toys.

With many store locations, Archambault employs a large workforce. The retail chain always looks to hire new talent to the team. Anyone interested in a fun, fast-paced career in the music retail industry should apply online with Archambault. Most Archambault jobs require applicants to possess strong communication skills and open work availability. Many positions require high school diplomas and relevant work experience. The retailer also looks for workers with aptitude for customer service, the ability to work in a team, and knowledge of books, film, or music.

Available Archambault Jobs and Salary Info

Employing thousands of team members, Archambault offers a wide range of jobs opportunities for entry-level workers and experienced professionals. The retailer offers both part-time jobs and full-time careers throughout the store. Archambault looks for friendly new employees with passion for music and other media. Common Archambault jobs include:

Cashier – Cashiers at Archambault stores welcome customers and run customer transactions at the cash register. A cashier must also perform a number of cash counter duties, such as opening and closing drawers, counting tills, verifying cash on hand, and making deposits. Archambault cashiers earn an average of about $10.00 per hour.

Sales Associate – Archambault offers department-specific sales associates jobs, including book sales associate, CD-DVD sales associate, and instrument sales associate positions. Primarily, sales associates interact with customers and offer appropriate purchase suggestions. Additional job duties include looking up customer inquiries, offering layaways, handling customer complaints, and placing merchandise on shelves. Sales associates with Archambault generally make about $11.00 an hour.

Labeling Clerk – Labeling clerks sort and label merchandise, check condition of products, track purchase orders, and install anti-theft devices on high-value Archambault merchandise. Additional responsibilities may include following-up on discontinued products, and forwarding purchase orders for products. Often, Archambault labeling clerks unload and organize deliveries. Labeling clerks with the Canadian retailer may earn pay rates between $9.00 and $12.00 per hour.

Manager – Managers oversee daily store operations at Archambault. Primarily duties include hiring and training staff, creating work schedules, setting sales goals, monitoring sales numbers, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Archambault managers generally make between $35,000 and $65,000 in annual salary.

Benefits of Working at Archambault

Committed to employee care, Archambault offers outstanding work benefits. To support health and wellness, Archambault offers medical, dental, and vision coverage plans to qualified workers. Eligible employees with the retailer may earn basic life insurance coverage and paid time off. Certain Archambault associates also receive future saving job benefits and service-based rewards.

In addition to employment benefits packages, Archambault offers a number of job perks. All workers receive paid training, flexible schedules, and career advancement opportunities. Additionally, Archambault store associates enjoy a fun, casual work environment. The retailer also rewards employees with generous discounts for store merchandise.

In 1896, Edmond Archambault opened the first Archambault in Montreal, QB. The retailer originally operated as a sheet music store. Archambault also served as a major retailer for pianos and other musical equipment. Archambault grew in popularity over the years. In 1995, Quebecor Media obtained the chain. Archambault began selling merchandise online in 1999. Today, the online store serves as the largest French-language retail website serving North America.

A popular music store, Archambault sells a wide selection of CDs and mp3s. In addition to music, Archambault offers entertainment merchandise, such as books, digital books, movies and TV shows on DVD, and videogames and computer software. The retailer also sells toys and games, newspapers, magazines, stationary, gifts, sheet music, and instruments.

Quebecor Media Company serves as the parent company to Archambault. The company also operates Parapet Bookstore. A publicly held company, Quebecor trades on TSX as QBR.A and QBR.B. Each year, Quebecor earns approximately $9.8 billion CAN in revenue.

Minimum age to work at Archambault: 16

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