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Arby’s operates as a quick-service sandwich chain with thousands of locations worldwide. The fast food franchise serves as a unique alternative to traditional fast food choices. In place of hamburgers, Arby’s offers sandwiches made from freshly sliced meats and wholesome ingredients. In addition to sandwiches, Arby’s offers a wide range of sides, salads, beverages, and desserts. A popular fast food chain, Arby’s maintains over 3,500 locations across the globe. The chain consists of both company-owned and franchised locations. Most Arby’s stores operate as franchised locations. In Canada, Arby’s operates more than 200 locations.

Customers often cite the Arby’s menu as a main reason for success of the brand. Patrons may dine in-house or take advantage of carryout and drive-thru services. Arby’s signature meals include roast beef sandwiches. The Beef’n Cheddar sandwich represents one of the most popular menu items at Arby’s restaurants. The overall success of the Arby’s brand name also lends to seasoned curly fries and coffee-inspired Jamocha shakes. Low prices, convenient locations, catchy ad campaigns, and fast service also help spread brand awareness across the globe.

Arby’s employs over 25,000 workers worldwide. The chain always seeks talented new team members to fill fast food jobs. Entry-level workers and experienced professionals may discover rewarding employment opportunities with Arby’s. Each location offers a host of part-time jobs and full-time careers and needs to hire motivated applicants on a regular basis. Individuals with or without experience interested in Arby’s jobs should fill out an online application form now.

Available Arby’s Positions and Salary Information

Arby’s primarily hires prospective associates to fill part-time store jobs. Work with the global company serves as an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to find entry-level work in the fast food industry. Arby’s Canada often hires workers lacking relevant employment experience. Typically, entry-level associates carry out customer service and food preparation job duties. Professionals may discover career opportunities in management. Arby’s typically hires to fill the following fast food jobs:

Team Member

  • Team members perform an assortment of job duties at Arby’s locations.
  • Primarily, team members assist guests and prepare meals.
  • Job functions include operating cash registers, balancing cash drawers, slicing meats, assembling sandwiches, operating fryers and grills, and cleaning kitchen and dining room areas.
  • Arby’s uses the hiring process to screen for friendly, self-motivated individuals to fill team member jobs.
  • On average, team members with Arby’s earn pay between minimum wage and $12.00 per hour.

Assistant Manager

  • Arby’s assistant managers support general managers with all aspects of store operations.
  • Key duties include hiring, training, and motivating staff members, monitoring inventory, and creating work schedules.
  • Additionally, assistant managers may need to perform crew member job duties, as needed.
  • Arby’s looks for assistant manager candidates with leadership skills, desires for professional growth, and sound problem-solving skills.
  • Average salary rates for assistant managers with Arby’s range from $20,000 to $35,000 a year.

General Manager

  • General managers oversee Arby’s business operations and manage labor.
  • Business responsibilities include driving sales and monitoring profits and losses.
  • Labor management duties include hiring and training new associates, delegating job duties, creating work schedules, and conducting employee evaluations.
  • Additionally, Arby’s general managers resolve customer issues and ensure satisfaction.
  • General managers with the Canadian fast food chain earn yearly salary options ranging from $30,000 to $50,000.

Benefits of Working at Arby’s Canada

Arby’s works to keep employees healthy and happy. The company offers competitive wages as well as generous work benefits. Eligible Arby’s associates earn competitive medical, dental, and vision plans, and life insurance coverage. In addition to health plans, workers may earn 401(k) retirement plans with company match and ongoing performance evaluations with excellent room for growth. Additional job benefits from Arby’s include paid holidays and vacation.

Upon hire, Arby’s workers enjoy flexible schedules, paid training, and fun work environments. Associates may also enjoy store discounts and employee referral bonuses. Select workers earn education assistance and adoption assistance. Employment benefits may vary by Arby’s Canada location. Apply online to learn more about Arby’s employee benefits today.

USA Arby’s Application


The first Arby’s location opened in Boardman, OH, USA, in 1964. A year later, Arby’s began franchising and by the end of the decade the restaurant chain climbed to more than 250 locations. On a steady path of success, Arby’s grew to over 1,000 locations by 1980. In 1981, Arby’s began international expansion by opening a store in Japan. The company later expanded into Canadian markets to try and further tap into the booming fast food industry in North America. In 2011, Atlanta-based Roark Capital Group acquired Arby’s. Today, Arby’s maintains more than 3,500 locations worldwide.


A unique entity in the fast food landscape, Arby’s offers sandwiches made with fresh meats and cheeses. Signature items offered at Arby’s include ultimate Angus, turkey roasters, roast beef sandwiches, prime-cut chicken, and breakfast sandwiches. Arby’s also offers salads, sides, and desserts as well as full kid’s menus with junior sandwiches, chicken tenders, and kid’s sides and drinks. The international restaurant chain gains notoriety for the Beef’n Cheddar sandwiches, Jamocha shakes, curly fries, and signature sauces, like Arby’s BBQ and Horsey Sauce.


Private equity firm Roark Capital Group owns and operates Arby’s. Specializing in funding food service brands, Roark Capital Group also owns Wingstop, Atkins Nutritionals, FOCUS Brands, and McAlister’s Deli. Assets for Roark Capital Group total over $2.5 billion. Roark Capital Group generates approximately $1.6 billion in annual revenue. Headquarters for Arby’s reside in Sandy Springs, GA, USA. Canadian corporate headquarters for the fast food chain sit in Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Minimum age to work at Arby’s Canada: 14

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