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A leader in computers and various electronics, Apple operates numerous retail locations throughout the world and commands an emerging presence in Canada. With over 450 locations across the globe, the company regularly needs to bring on new employees in various roles. Individuals well-versed in the use of company products and passionate about helping others make excellent candidates for available roles. With an eye on continued expansion throughout Canada by aggressively opening stores in new markets, job seekers should fill out online applications in order to start the hiring process.

Store locations provide customers with troubleshooting help as well as the latest in company-made merchandise and gadgets. Workers should embody innovative and creative spirits, echoing company sentiment and originality. An understanding of current products and a basic knowledge of how Apple products work proves necessary to receive hiring consideration. Employees should demonstrate a strong sense of customer service and a passion for interacting with and assisting others.

Apple hires a wide range of individuals to perform a multitude of tasks in order to keep retail stores running efficiently and effectively. Entry-level workers routinely find jobs as specialists in charge of helping customers make selections. Additionally, tech-savvy job seekers may fill roles at the Genius Bar as technicians assisting in fixing problems. Career-oriented individuals may find a variety of managerial roles, as well. The company likes to promote from within, making advancement into career opportunities with the tech giant a possibility.

Positions and Salary Information for Apple
Apple typically requires employees to stand at least 18 years old in order to apply. While high school diplomas remain preferred, the technology and electronics company also searches for competent associates who possess creative minds, a desire to assist others, and a passion for company products. In addition to exceptional wage options, employees regularly enjoy access to various work benefits as well as varied work schedules. The following jobs frequently hire qualified applicants:

Specialist – Working as a retail salesperson, the specialist advises customers on company products and finalises sales. Additionally, specialists may help provide basic technical support and may also help with user training for hardware, software, and devices for customers on the sales floor. Employees work as needed in both part-time and full-time capacities and earn hourly wages hovering around $17.00 CAD. Specialists may also work on different levels within the store and in varying capacities, such as in inventory or on the sales floor.

Genius – Geniuses troubleshoot and repair consumer products in-store. Employees should possess excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills in order to receive hiring consideration. A genius must also provide advice in a friendly, knowledgeable way and communicate all possible solutions to customers effectively. Consummate professionals, employees must also manage time efficiently and multitask well. A genius may earn hourly wages in excess of $24.00 CAD an hour.

Expert – Experts stand as specialists with added authority and tenure. Responsible for driving customer sales and company initiatives, experts act as sales managers in retail environments. Employees must demonstrate effective sales techniques while relying on a knowledge base of all company products that continually grows. Experts should demonstrate outstanding people skills, customer service techniques, and a willingness to work in team environments. An expert typically earns starting wages around $25.00 CAD an hour.

Benefits of Working at Apple
Employees at Apple receive access to a variety of traditional and non-traditional work benefits upon hire. Generous employee discounts remain available for employees and immediate family upon hire as well as flexible scheduling, paid training for professional-grade apps, and a relaxed dress code. Full-time associates enjoy access to health benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision care. Other work benefits include vacation and paid time off, paid holidays, and sick time. Financial and retirement benefits range from enrollment in a company-sponsored RRSP to stock options.

USA Apple Application

First entering Canadian markets in 2005, Apple now operates nearly 30 stores across the provinces. With continued expansion plans, new stores open each year. Currently, the tech giant owns and operates nearly 500 stores in 17 countries. Apple started in Cupertino, CA in 1976 and now stands as one of the largest multinational technology companies in the world. The tech giant conducts Canadian operations from a headquarters located in Toronto, ON.

Products and Services
Apple remains at the forefront of the technology boom across the globe by introducing and producing innovative products for everyday use. From mobile phones to watches, the industry-leader regularly provides consumers with new products. The company also makes computers, laptops, tablets, and music players. Each device runs on company-developed operating systems and customers may also purchase company-designed software for professional or amateur usage. The tech giant plans to launch a television service and hopes to start producing an autonomous driving electric vehicle in the near future, as well.

With the introduction of several new products in recent years, Apple continues to see financial growth. In the first half of 2015, the company posted quarterly revenues of $49.6 billion with net profits of $10.7 billion. With an annual operating income of $52 billion, each year sees additional growth in both revenue and profits, which stands reflected in solid stock offerings for consumers and employees alike.

Minimum age to work at Apple: 18

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