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An American clothing retailer with locations throughout much of the world, American Eagle Outfitters first broke into Canadian markets in the early 2000s. Originally a clothing store for men, the retailer changed business models to include leisurewear for men, women, and children in the late 1970s. The fashion concept targets demographics interested in outdoor activities or with sport-oriented tastes in fashion. Often stylized as AE, the chain of stores ships to nearly 80 countries worldwide. Around 930 stores operate under the proper namesake and another 150 under the sister brand name Aerie. Canadian operations comprise approximately 70 locations nationwide.

American Eagle Job Opportunities

Full-time & Part-time

Clothing retail chains like American Eagle Outfitters represent ideal places to find entry-level work. American Eagle Outfitters Canada jobs feature competitive base pay, flexible scheduling, and access to generous work benefits. The international retailer also hires managers and other corporate positions with regularity. Employment hunters go through straightforward interview processes. Most candidates encounter one or two one-on-one or group interviews during the hiring process. Applicants sit with hiring managers for brief periods and answer questions about career goals, experience, availability, and related skills.

Basic Requirements

Entry-level candidates typically need no real experience for employment consideration; however, the fashion retailer looks to hire managers with sound leadership skills and experience in the industry, in most cases. Minimum hiring ages for employment consideration fall at 14 years of age in Canada for most retail stores. Applicants under 14 may gain hiring consideration with special work permits obtained through local governments.

Popular Positions and Salary Information

The retail chain consistently hires for the following positions:

Sales Associate

Sales associates serve as the first points of contact with customers at store locations. Job seekers interested in American Eagle Canada sales associate jobs must possess a genuine passion for the brand, excellent interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to work directly with customers and stand on foot for long periods of time. Hiring managers also look for friendly, positive personalities and effective sales skills. Fashion sense plays a vital role in the hiring process, as well. Typical job duties range from:

  • Stacking and folding clothes.
  • Suggesting merchandise.
  • Monitoring fitting rooms.
  • Ringing up purchases, as needed.
  • The average pay for AE sales associates falls around $9.50 CAD an hour.


Job titles available in management include sales lead, assistant manager, and store manager. American Eagle sales lead employees primarily carry out supervisory job duties, such as:

  • Motivating workers.
  • Setting schedules.
  • Delegating daily tasks.
  • Enforcing company protocol.

Assistant managers build upon sales lead job duties and perform administrative tasks as well, including:

  • Payrol.
  • Inventory.
  • Conflict resolution.

Applicants interested in managerial jobs must stand at least 18 years of age in order to gain hiring consideration. Additional hiring requirements, such as background checks, drug screenings, and relevant management experience in retail settings, also apply. Store managers duties are to:

  • Communicate directly with the corporate offices
  • Ordering merchandise and supplies
  • Driving sales
  • Ensuring profitability of store locations
  • Typical pay scales for sales lead associates to fall between $10.00 CAD and $11.00 CAD an hour
  • AE assistant manager workers make an average of $30,000 annual salary, while store managers earn annual salary options in excess of $50,000 CAD, depending on experience and time spent with the company.

Benefits of Working at American Eagle Canada

American Eagle Canada employees enjoy access to diverse job benefits packages. Upon hire, the chain offers fun, casual workplaces, discounts on merchandise, regular company outings and events, ongoing career development, and competitive pay scales.

Insurance & Savings Packages

Full-time workers enjoy employee assistance programs, pension schemes, time off and paid holidays, life insurance, healthcare options, and tuition reimbursement. Employee benefits often extend to relatives and dependents.

More About American Eagle


Founded in 1977 as an offshoot venture by the Silverman family, who owned and operated Silvermans Menswear, American Eagle grew into an internationally renowned company by the turn of the century. The Silverman family sold majority control of the company to another wealthy family, the Schottensteins, in the early 1990s, which paved the way for international expansion into Canadian markets in 2001. American Eagle subsequently grew in popularity across the North American country and operates around 70 locations in Canada.

How Does American Eagle Work?

The rugged and outdoorsy styles available at American Eagle serve as popular draws to the retail chain. Available clothing lines often sport vintage styles made from durable materials. Popular merchandise includes denim jeans, polos, t-shirts, khaki shorts, and fashion accessories, like necklaces and bracelets. A popular vendor in shopping malls, the company also maintains stores in large shopping centers and downtown commercial districts across metropolitan and suburban regions. The ability to shop online through the company website also enables a broad reach for the brand.

Products and Services

American Eagle Outfitters Canada offers the same merchandise lines available in U.S. stores. The retail chain sells a wide variety of shirts, shorts, skirts, pants, and jeans designed with flair appealing to outdoors enthusiasts. Faded, vintage apparel ranks as the most popular style offered by the clothing retailer. Customers also find assortments of fashion accessories and footwear at AE retail locations. Shoppers may access clothing online through the company website as well as in-store. The retailer ships to roughly 80 countries worldwide.


A public company, American Eagle trades on the NYSE as AEO. The retailer began publicly trading in 1994. AE brand stores and Aerie sister chain locations generate over $3.1 billion in annual revenues. World headquarters for the fashion retail chain sit in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Minimum age to work at American Eagle Outfitters Canada: 14

Official Site:

Watch video of a Starbucks employee discussing their job

Video Transcript

Please describe your job title and primary duties.

American Eagle Outfitters Cashier:
So I was the cashier there and we usually promote what was on sale those days, or we would fold clothes and I’d probably help a customer out get to the change room. And 17, it is a while back. Yeah, those are my main duties. We’d also meet up with the manager once in awhile and they’d tell us new promotions or whatever. And we just promoted those things.

What was the work environment like?

American Eagle Outfitters Cashier:
It was friendly. It was really preppy. That was actually one of the things they wanted to see in you during the interview. So during the interview, they asked us, “Pick an item from the store and then promote it. Pretend like you’re promoting it.” And then they’re looking for that peppy attitude, that upbeat. So, it was really friendly environment. Everyone was tight-knit and we all were actual friends.

How would you describe the application and interview process?

American Eagle Outfitters Cashier:
Hiring process, well, for me personally, I went to high school with this guy and his mom was a manager at that American Eagle. So I automatically got the interview. And then during the interviews, like I said, introduce yourself. And then the activity was you promote that whatever. And I chose a pair of boxers, this would look. You just make the customer feel special by saying, “Oh, this would look great on you.” Or whatever, yeah. And an upbeat attitude.

What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview?

American Eagle Outfitters Cashier:
Well, I remember they also cared about how well you dress and well in their standards was that I guess like preppy, in a preppy look, the long sleeves and properly dressed. They want to see that you exemplify their values as a clothing store. So if someone wanted to work in American Eagle, I’d say you as bad as it sounds, I guess you have to look the part, so look the part, act the part and you’ll do great, I guess, in that specific chain.