Airline Jobs in Canada

Common Positions for Airline Employees

Customer Service Agent

Working at check-in counters and boarding gates, customer service agents interact directly with travellers. They assist customers with booking flights, issue boarding passes, handle baggage, and answer questions about service, flights, destinations, and airline policies. Agents need excellent communication skills, positive attitudes, and the ability to solve problems in a fast-paced work environment.

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Flight Attendant

Part of the cabin crew, flight attendants ensure passengers follow safety procedures. They also provide in-flight services such as monitoring carry-on baggage, serving refreshments, and tending to various patron needs. Working long, irregular hours, attendants must be able to adapt to odd schedules. Friendliness, confidence, and great interpersonal skills are a must.

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Those who work in administrative airline jobs in Canada hold positions in careers like IT, advertising, logistics, accounting, and human resources. Responsibilities vary by title, often involving clerical work, managing business operations, and communicating with sister airlines worldwide. Administration workers should hold the proper training and knowledge for their position.

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Cargo Agents

Also called station attendants, cargo agents are ground workers who direct planes to their gates plus load and unload passenger luggage. Other duties include operating service vehicles, towing aircraft between gates, and loading other equipment. Ground crew workers must be able to lift heavy baggage, work varying shifts in all types of weather, and adhere to strict flight times.

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