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Canada represents one of the wealthiest nations in the world. Once retaining a largely rural economy, Canada now maintains a high-tech industrial society. Technologically developed and rich with natural resources, Canada operates as one of the top 15 economies in the world. The Canadian population upholds affluent living standards, and the country operates a market-oriented economic system similar to the United States. Possessing a highly skilled workforce, Canada features a number of industries that continue to grow each year. With a large land area and stable economy, Canada provides employment opportunities across a range of industries.

Some of the largest industries in Canada include banking and financial, retail and wholesale, food service, manufacturing, and utilities. Large retail and restaurant brands in Canada include Walmart Canada, Best Buy Canada, Tim Hortons, and Canadian Tire. A leader in banking and finance management, Canada operates many of the largest banks in North America. With a large, diverse economy, Canada offers ample job opportunities for entry-level workers and seasoned professionals alike.

Job-Applications.ca provides Canadian job hunters with a number of resources related to finding employment. On the site, users may read through information about major Canadian companies and available jobs as well as find direct access to online applications. Submitting job applications online allows workers the ability to apply to many companies in a fraction of the time as turning in application forms in person.

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